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5 Different Colors and Shades of Diamond Rings to Buy in 2021

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*Real diamonds are naturally occurring stones and often appear in various colours. A pure and structurally flawless diamond is completely transparent, without any colour or hue. But in reality, none of the gem-sized diamonds is perfect. The colour of a diamond is impacted by structural defects or chemical impurities. Natural diamonds are created without human intervention, so one cannot really control the colour. Depending on intensity and hue the colour and the value of the diamond will vary. Here are some shades of a diamond that you may want to invest in.

Brown – Brown diamonds, along with yellow ones are the most common colours after clear diamonds. Brown ones are also a bit more affordable than other colours, as they are less rare than the other colours. The colour is formed when planes of displaced and missing carbon atoms are created in the crystal lattice due to plastic deformation. These are the glide planes where the colour concentration is the highest. These glide planes appear very similar to the pattern of wood grains and most graining appears as brown colour. It can be used as the only stone in a ring as an oval cut stone or can complement other diamonds as a dark coloured centre piece. However you use it, it is bound to stand out.

Yellow – Yellow is one such colour, in which one can find a pure hue. Most stones are a mix of two or more colours, but a yellow diamond can be pure in colour – meaning if you are looking for yellow, you will find a pure yellow stone. A pure hued diamond is valuable and sought after, often having a big price tag attached. The colour is formed in the stone when nitrogen atoms substitute carbon ones in the crystal lattice. This allows the stone to reflect yellow light and absorb blue light. The yellow diamond can be shaped and cut in various styles, and each style can look glamorous.

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Black – Until the 1990s, there wasn’t much demand for black diamonds, but when they were used with colourless diamonds in rings, they gained popularity. Black diamonds are very unique because they have a lot of inclusions, so much so that they can interfere with the passage of light. Opaque minerals like pyrite, graphite or hematite can be the inclusions in a black diamond, giving them a dark, opaque look – different from colourless diamonds. Black diamond wedding rings can signify so much and yet look chic. Many celebrities have been known for buying black diamond rings for proposing or even to use in other jewellery pieces. The Jewellers in Hatton Garden keeps different types of black diamond rings and custom rings for the customers.

Blue – Blue diamonds are very rare in nature and are formed by the substitution of carbon with boron atoms. Even one boron out of a million carbon atoms can produce a blue colour. The boron atoms cause selective red light absorption and also selective blue light transmission. Blue diamonds can have a pure hue as well and hence can be expensive. The Hope Diamond and the Idols Eye are some of the very famous blue diamonds. Platinum rings with a blue diamond setting can look fabulous and they also pair well with colourless diamonds.

Pink – Pink is quite a rare colour in natural diamonds, but still, many celebrities have sported it. When carbon atoms are displaced during the formation of the diamond and light passes through it, the lattice will selectively transmit red light. If this selective transmission is weak, then the stone will appear pink. And this is why pink is a rare colour as multiple criteria have to be fulfilled. This colour goes well with yellow metal as well as with white metal. Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey are celebrities who sported pink diamond rings and made them popular. Now, engagement rings Hatton garden are in demand for pink diamonds due to increasing popularity.

Most times, a stone may be a mix of two colours like greenish brown. But if you do find one with a good or near perfect hue, then it is a rare piece. If you want something special and rare, go for these. They make excellent, unique jewellery pieces that can be an investment as well as an attraction. Hatton Garden – one of the popular places near London is a big diamond market and you can find rare designs and stones to invest in.




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