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Steffanie Rivers: ‘Ready To Love’ Ep. 5 Emotional Baggage / Watch

*When a love interest enters the new relationship with negative emotional baggage from the previous relationship, it’s doomed to failure. It seems a few cast members on season 3 of Ready To Love – Last Resort has the same issue. And they got exposed in episode 5.

Cast member Denise already expressed her reservations about cast member Rashid, because he reminds her of the narcissistic, light-skinned fraternity man she dated in a previous relationship. Despite Rashid’s assurances that he is not that type, Denise said she can’t let it go. So Rashid feels his character has been assassinated because Denise has prejudged him. The other male cast members have sided with Rashid, including Kalfani, who told the group he likes Denise, but her unwillingness to give Rashid the benefit of the doubt is rubbing everyone the wrong way.

Attorney Symone is giving off shallow and insecure vibes to other cast members because she was willing to portray another female cast member in a negative light to get attention. When Joy and Wynter confronted her about her behavior Symone cried and apologized. The Becky tears worked so well that Joy and Wynter also started to cry. So Symone was able to get away with her bad behavior, although she promised not to let it happen again.

It didn’t end so well for Shay and Alicia! Shay instigated the scandal between Alicia, Bryan and Alyx. Bryan and Alyx are a budding romantic item. Alicia stepped to Bryan to shoot her shot. He promised to come back to her room to watch a movie, but he went to visit Alyx and then retired to his room for the evening without returning to Alicia. She felt like the middle of a donut – left out. And she tried to turn Alyx against him by saying Bryan couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth.

Yet Bryan’s actions proved he can be trusted by Alyx. And that he wasn’t feeling Alicia. That’s why he didn’t go back to her room that night. Still, Alicia made a dramatic scene saying Bryan hurt her feelings. Although he should have canceled their pending movie night, Bryan proved that he didn’t want to lead her on when his heart is moving in the direction of Alyx.

In the meantime, Shay has caught the eye of nobody! She is trying too hard to be liked. If you have to force yourself on others to get noticed she’s fighting a losing battle. That’s why it was easy for the male cast members to send Shay home. And Alicia got the boot too for trying to play the victim and turning up on Bryan when she should have turned her attention to someone else.

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