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DawgGoneDavis Re-releases Holiday Classic ‘Here Comes Santa Dawg’ / LISTEN

*After what we’ve collectively been through in this anxious world of After what we’ve collectively been through in this anxious world of 2020, more than ever before, we need a little Christmas now. For those wondering what sweet surprises may lurk under their tree, let’s just say, thanks to Rebecca “DawgGoneDavis,” the holiday is literally going to the Dawgs – again!  BIGGEST NEWS!  This Christmas fun Rap has been playing ALL YEAR around the world in 2020 (Spring, Summer, Fall, and now Winter).  Original Release date was November 2019.   Radio stations are sharing it with one another all Year.

Last year – and yes, that sure seems like a long, long time ago now – the witty, quirky, irrepressible  Kansas City based artist, rapper, rocker and songwriter took her playful, canine-friendlyseasonal single “Here Comes Santa Dawg” to #2 two weeks in a row on the World Music Indie Chart. It proved so popular that pop, rap, Christian, holiday and variety radio stations worldwide still playing it and people were still grooving to it well into February. Anyone who missed the track during its first dazzling go-round can deck the halls to it this year. “Here Comes Santa Dawg” will drop again Monday, November 16, and is set to be promoted to more U.S. based stations than ever this year.

Over a festive synth line, atmosphere and beats created by Rebecca’s secret weapon, renowned German Euro producer, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Hellmut Wolf, the rapper whimsically weaves the story of three beloved dogs – her recently departed dachshund Hans, her childhood family dachshund April, and Franz, the new pup, a gift from the mythical “Santa Dawg,” who comes at Christmas in the wake of Hans’ loss to help her heal and find joy in the holiday again. Throughout the song, she intercuts warm memories of Hans with images of her happy childhood celebrations and the exciting advent of Franz.

Rebecca opens addressing her target audience and the gifts she’s bearing : “Hey Kids! Christmas Rappings!” Early in the first verse, she poignantly recalls, “Past Christmas joy came in the form of a wiener dog named Hans” and admits that “We’ve been crying and existing in a sad ole fog.” But then, bigger and better than Rudolph himself, she exclaims, “Santa dog comes and brings in a brand-new dog.” While humorously admitting that “All puppies cry and create a bunch of pooh,” she claims her new dog Franz as a true Christmas miracle: “The love of Jesus and the gifts of Santa Dawg/Have saved our hearts again.”

DawgGoneDavis - Here Comes Santa Dawg

Though Rebecca began the infectious narrative in a state of sadness over Hans’ passing, she started feeling a deeper sense of purpose and joy when she came up with a line so good she repeats it three times: “All we want for Christmas is some Canine Teeth.”

In the second verse, she invokes nostalgic details of her youth, including dressing up her Barbie doll, getting a pair of “Frappy Chinos,” playing with a “roaring toy named Dino, playing with Lego’s and stuffing her tiny body in a Barbie Camper.

Rebecca later has fun imagining Franz frolic: “The Franz loves to chew/He brought us to our tears/It’s goodbye to momma’s brand-new braziers.” She admits that “Franzy baby acts a tad dim-witted” compared to Hans, who was “extra special, he had a vocabulary.” Franz is more like “Moe, Curly and Larry,” and he’s just a “puppy all fun and goofs.” But even if he doesn’t quite measure up to Hans, she lets us know she’s grateful for him: “We love this puppy’s pearly pearly toofs.”

“Hans was a very special comfort to me, a great doggie who was there for me when I was battling cancer a few years ago,” Rebecca says. “When he died in October 2019, I was so bereaved I didn’t think I could write about him, but somehow, maybe with his and definitely Jesus’ help, I was able to come up with a song that captured the uplifting magic of our companionship – and of course Hans did a tremendous job. Once I realized I was writing a song about Hans Von Noodles Davis, I knew I could not make it sad. To help me, I remembered the good times we had, and also the cheerful memories from my childhood Christmases that I share in the second verse.”

As crazy as the world has been since the original release of “Here Comes Santa Dawg,” Rebecca has helped hundreds of thousands around the world engaged with a series of singles that range from edgy social consciousness to full on uplifting comic brilliance. The most recent of these, “Darkest Hour” (which reached #5 on the Euro Indie Chart) and “No More” launched a fiery collaboration with vocalist, songwriter and longtime Snoop Dogg producer Chago G. Williams. Rebecca’s other 2020 hits include “Judge Not Rap Yes,” “Weight of the World” (which debuted at #4 on the Euro Indie Chart) and “Checkered Future” name checking Steve Lukather, from TOTO, plus Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band.

As always, completely driven by her hilarious, erudite, self-effacing and no holds barred approach to baring her soul, her tracks have received spins on an astounding 4600+ terrestrial, internet and satellite radio outlets throughout Europe, Asia, South America and the United States. Each of her songs has risen quickly on the World Indie Chart and Euro Indie Chart. In 2019, the multi-talented performer compiled her first nine hits into a collection perfectly titled after her respect and learningsfrom Neil Diamond music, Hot Dawgest Night.

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