Monday, October 25, 2021

Boosie Had 2 Surgeries on Leg After Being Shot – But NO Amputation Despite Reports

boosie badazz
Lil Boosie

*As we previously reported, Boosie was shot in the leg over the weekend in Dallas, just days after his friend, Mo3, was killed there last week in a fatal shooting. While earlier reports claimed that he was “ok” recent reports stated that he’s now having complications and may have to get his foot amputated.

The rapper took to his new Instagram account this Thursday morning to let fans know that he is not fine. He said: “Yes I’m not doing good. I have a short amount of time to find a specialist doctor who’s work on fixing body parts, that cost hundreds of thousands.”

Sources close to Boosie tell TMZ he is NOT getting his foot amputated — contrary to reports — but he did have a couple of surgeries for his gunshot wound. It was said that Boosie did have a procedure to remove bullet fragments, and he had some screws put in to make sure his foot properly heals. As the news site notes, the 38-year-old has diabetes, which led to speculation about potential amputation. However, sources told the site that the only medical decisions in relation to his diabetes had to do with his pre-surgery diet.

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