Monday, October 25, 2021

Robbery Charges Dropped Against Ex-NFLer DeAndre Baker After Attorney’s ‘Extortion’ Arrest

*The State Attorney’s Office in Florida has dropped all charges in an alleged robbery case involving former New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker

According to CBS Miami, the lawyer representing three of the alleged victims has also been arrested on extortion charges. 

Here’s the backstory: Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar were arrested in May for allegedly robbing several people at gunpoint during a cookout in Miramar, FL on May 13. Baker was charged with 4 counts of robbery with a firearm and was facing life in prison.

Per the New York Post, attorney William Dean and his clients demanded Baker pay $1.5 million to change their statements against him. Sources tell the publication that Dean and his clients were involved in the armed robbery plot from the beginning.

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“On Monday morning, November 16, 2020, William Dean, an attorney representing three of the alleged victims, was arrested for extortion related to soliciting a cash payout on behalf of the three men in exchange for altered testimony,” the Broward State Attorney’s Office said in a statement. “This testimony was provided in the form of written, signed, notarized but identical in content affidavits in which the alleged victims recanted their three previous sworn statements and instead asserted that they did not get an accurate look at the events as they occurred, that Deandre Baker was present but not involved in any criminal act and that they were not robbed or assaulted.”

Prosecutors say three alleged victims had initially filed sworn statements “in which they asserted that three men committed a robbery with a firearm upon them and that Mr. Baker was one of the assailants.”

Then the alleged victims and witnesses became “uncooperative and their credibility is inalterably tarnished,” said prosecutors. 

The Broward State Attorney’s Office ultimately dropped the charges against Baker. 

Baker’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, tells TMZ Sports … “The result is the correct result in dismissing Deandre’s case. We have been saying he was a victim of an extortion from day one.”

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