Sunday, September 25, 2022

Kandi Burruss Discusses Life, Business, and Real Housewives Drama // STEVE on Watch

*A brand-new episode of STEVE on Watch is AVAILABLE NOW – Steve has a conversation with close friend, actress, entrepreneur and Kandi Buruss. (watch it above or on Facebook.)

From the exit of NeNe Leakes from The Real Housewives: Atlanta, to her many ventures as a business woman, and her key insights on how to be successful, Kandi sits down to spill it all.

Additionally, Steve Harvey creatively taped this interview from outside of his home and invited audience members to watch in his driveway – from the safety of their own vehicles – complete with honks to replace applause/laughter.

Episode highlights include:

  • Kandi talks about what it’s like being a parent during the pandemic, specifically with her 10-month-old daughter Blaze:
    • “For people like us who travel a lot and we work a lot…my biggest fear was that I would miss her first steps or a moment like that.” – Kandi Burruss 
    • “I was about to hit a flip in that house when she walked to me and that was her first steps – I was so excited, I was so happy that I was here for it.” – Kandi Burruss 
  • Kandi shares her thoughts on NeNe Leakes departure from Real Housewives:
    • “We don’t really talk…” – Kandi Burruss
    • “What’s your take on the whole situation?” – Steve Harvey
    • “I think in negotiations, sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we don’t get what we want and…when we don’t get what we want, we have to make the decision on if we want to part ways and I think [NeNe] made that decision for herself.” – Kandi Burruss
    • “She will be missed on the show for sure…I’m not trying to take anything from her. She was a great addition to the show.” – Kandi Burruss
    • “I guess right now she didn’t care to come back this season, for whatever reason.” – Kandi Burruss
  • Kandi talks about what it’s like being a successful entrepreneur:
    • “My mother, my family, everybody kind of has that drive, that hustle. I feel like to me, to have success at a very young age, I didn’t end up going to college so in my mind I always need to figure out how I was going to maintain my wealth.” – Kandi Burruss
    • “I never wanted to be one of those child stars that you see, you know they are successful when they’re young and then they grow up and they’re just  barely making it.” – Kandi Burruss
    • “I didn’t want to be that person, so I knew that I needed to read up on a lot of books, like all the financial books I was reading said that you have to have multiple sources of income to be a millionaire.” – Kandi Burruss
    • “If you have a long career and you’re in the game and you stay in the game…it’s a rollercoaster. Sometimes we have super highs and we have a little dip… and as long as you’re on the rollercoaster, you’re gonna go up again.” – Kandi Burruss
  • Kandi on using her resources to provide for the community:
    • “Right now it’s very important for me to rebuild my community and bring more jobs to my community so we try to bring more jobs to the area or put businesses in areas where we know there are a lot of African Americans and we want to better the experience for African Americans.” – Kandi Burruss

Steve Harvey - Kandi Burruss

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