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Barack Obama Was Forced to Quit Coaching Sasha’s Basketball Team After Parents Complained

Barack Obama - Promised Land (cover)

*Former President Barack Obama recalls in his new memoir how he was forced to quit coaching his youngest daughter’s (Sasha) fourth-grade basketball team after parents from the league complained.

“They must think being coached by you is something they can put on their Harvard application,” Obama’s personal aide Reggie Love teased at the time the pair curbed coaching the youth team.

In the book “A Promised Land,” set for release on Tuesday, Obama shares his love for basketball and how the sport became a “reliable refuge” during his presidency. 

But “nothing compared to the thrill—and stress—of rooting for Sasha’s” squad on Sundays, he said. 

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In a new excerpt from the book, Obama writes that he and former First Lady Michelle Obama tried hard not to be obnoxious cheerleaders for their kids at sporting events.  

“After observing an adorable but chaotic first couple of games, Reggie and I took it upon ourselves to draw up some plays and volunteered to conduct a few informal Sunday afternoon practice sessions with the team,” Obama writes in the excerpt, published by The Sunday Times in the U.K.

But it wasn’t long before other parents began to complain that their children didn’t have someone of Obama’s clout coaching their children’s teams.

“There was no denying that our status as the First Family conferred plenty of benefits,” Obama writes in the excerpt, such as  after-hours trips to museums in Washington, D.C., with his daughters or getting advanced DVD copies of new movie releases to screen at the White House.

“Every parent savors such moments, I suppose, when the world slows down, your strivings get pushed to the back of your mind, and all that matters is that you are present, fully, to witness the miracle of your child growing up,” Obama writes. “Given all the time I’d missed with the girls over years of campaigning and legislative sessions, I cherished the normal ‘dad stuff’ that much more.”

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