Friday, August 12, 2022

Steffanie Rivers: Ready To Love Ep4 Messy and Confrontational / WATCH

*Messy and confrontational: That sums up season 3, episode 4 of Ready To Love. 

It was messy, because a woman never should invite company into your home if it’s not tidy. And if it’s a man she wants to impress she definitely should not invite him into your bedroom if her bed is not made. Call me old school, but first impressions count.

Cast member Denise is getting visions of narcissism from Rashid and she’s not afraid to voice her concerns to the other ladies. Or is she just hating on him because he’s light skinned and confident? Apparently Denise (in the voice of MOS DEF in The Italian Job) ‘had a bad experience’ with a light-skinned dude she claimed abused her. Now she doesn’t trust light skinned men with swag like Rashid. 

Adriana – aka Pop-Tart – stepped to Denise and defended Rashid, her number one draft pick. It got a little heated. Denise kept talking over Pop Tart. Tart stood her ground! Denise explained why Rashid triggers her. They didn’t hug it out, but Tart walked away with more understanding of why Denise has issues with Rashid. Clearly Denise has been through some ish, but Pop Tart said it’s still no excuse to defame Rashid. 

Maybe the fact that Pop Tart had Khalfani, Denise’s number one pick, hugged up on the couch laughing and smooching has something to do with their growing animosity. Denise didn’t like it and brought that to Pop Tart’s attention during their confrontation. Then she later mentioned to Khalfani that she felt some kind of way about it. 

Denise is making an often repeated mistake: Never claim a man before he claims you! Let a man pursue you. It’s okay to show interest, but allow him to take the lead in your developing relationship. If he wants you, he will make it known. If she’s not careful, Denise will find herself feeling like the middle of a doughnut – left out! 

Secondly, most men are indecisive when it comes to choosing a mate. The format Ready To Love allows cast members to play the field and mingle without having to choose. So guess what? That’s what they are going to do. It’s the same as when a man has the television remote: He likes the correct programming but he wants to know what else is on TV? Click the video above to get the full review. 

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Steffanie Rivers

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