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Chadwick Boseman’s Manager Honors ‘Black Panther’ Star with Arm Tattoo

Chadwick Boseman's Manager

*Chadwick Boseman’s Manager has memorialized the actor with a new arm tattoo.

Chris Huvane of Management 360 posted on Instagram and Facebook a photo showing off the tat of the “Black Panther” star.

“Now you’re permanently near my heart, CB,” Huvane captioned the Oct. 21 post.  He reportedly commissioned artist Nathan Kostechko to design the ink featuring Boseman smilimg with his hand over his forehead. 

“That beautiful smile. We all miss you so much,” continued the post.  “It gives me solace to know that the world finally understands the powerful force that you were. The reaction to your passing is beyond overwhelming and confirms the notion that I indeed did get to witness greatness on earth,” he added.

“You made every little village of friends feel important, whether it was watching the fights at my crib or going on a world tour to support the art you created. … I am devastated and gutted that you are not here. I am angry that your life was cut short and that the world has to mourn. But I also feel lucky that Tory [Kittles] introduced us many years ago not knowing that I would get to actually represent you and your art,” Huvane wrote. 

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“I feel lucky that I had an inside peek into the world you built around you. I now have another village of friends because of you. And even some new family. I will miss and think of you until the day I die, CB. Love you, King,” the post concluded.

Boseman was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2016, and never disclosed his illness publicly. Many of his fans, friends and colleagues were shocked when he died on Aug. 28 following a 4 year-long battle with the disease

Boseman’s longtime trainer Addison Henderson was among those who knew about the diagnosis. 

“I used to tell Chad, ‘Man, you remind me of my dad,'” Henderson explained, referring to his father who beat cancer four times, Complex reports. “‘You guys are fighters, and you never stop moving forward.’ For us, it was just like, ‘Let’s keep going, let’s keep doing what you want to do, let’s keep training.’ And then, me and Logan and his family, his wife [Taylor Simone Ledward], we were always just here to support him.”

According to Boseman’s agent, Michael Greene, it was the actor’s mother Carolyn who inspired the decision to keep his illness on the low. 

“[She] always taught him not to have people fuss over him,” Greene told The Hollywood Reporter.

“He also felt in this business that people trip out about things, and he was a very, very private person.”

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