Sunday, July 3, 2022

Terry McMillan Confirms ‘Waiting to Exhale’ TV Series in the Works

*A Television series is in the works based on Terry McMillan’s beloved novel “Waiting to Exhale.”

McMillan shared the news on Twitter and also revealed that Lee Daniels is producing. 

“So, WAITING TO EXHALE is going to be a TV series. Produced by Lee Daniels. Attica Locke and Tembi Locke are writing. Anthony Hemingway will direct. I lucked out,” she tweeted.

The book followed four close friends dealing with love, motherhood, and career. The 1995 film starred Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Lela Rochon and the late, great Whitney Houston.

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Meanwhile, fans are still waiting for a much talked about sequel to the movie. 

While speaking with Tamron Hall, Loretta Devine spoke of the film’s impact and shared an update on the sequel. 

“I know that Terry [McMillan] and I think Lee Daniels are working on something because he’s been trying to get Waiting to Exhale back for so many years because it changed so much for everybody, not just Black women but also so many shows came out of that with the same girlfriend format that they used,” she said. 

“I think they’re doing something about the kids of the women and I think that’s going to be coming out,” she said of the plot to the sequel.

McMillan’s success with the “Waiting to Exhale” novel opened the doors for many black writers.

“I might have spent years trying to publish my black horror fiction if not for Terry McMillan,” the author Tananarive Due tells the Guardian. “After Terry’s success, black writers would often receive lavish book tours for their hardcover releases and then another book tour a year later for the paperback. One publisher gave me a company Amex card! This probably still happens now, but it’s not happening to the degree it was for a lot of us in the 1990s, when publishing was giddy with the discovery of black readers and was willing to take chances on a wide variety of writing to court that audience.”

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