Friday, July 1, 2022

Ludacris Stars in ‘The Ride’ as Black Father Who Adopts White Supremacist Teenager [TRAILER]

*Here’s the first trailer for the indie film “The Ride” starring Ludacris, and based on the real-life story of BMX star John Buultjens.

As a hateful, racist teen growing up in Glasgow, Scottland, Buultjens was adopted by an interracial couple following a violent upbringing with his parents. 

“It makes me sick to think about it now but I was ashamed and I used to walk at a distance behind dad,”  Buultjens explained in an interview with The Guardian of his former racist beliefs. “This was a man who did so much for me, and showed me for the first time in my life what love meant, and I was ashamed because he looked different to me.”

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Directed by Alex Ranarivelo,“The Ride” follows John McCord, who is taken in by Eldridge (Ludacris) and Marianna Buultjens (Sasha Alexander) after a racially-charged incident.

The official description states: Eldridge makes it his mission to overcome the challenges of John’s white supremacist upbringing and slowly begins to forge a relationship through his foster son’s fascination with extreme sports by giving John his first bike. Rooted by this newfound passion, the family builds a bond of mutual respect, love and together they speed toward BMX glory and ultimately, redemption.”

Buultjens ultimately found love and redemption through his parents, and would eventually make his name and fame by riding and designing BMX bikes. 

His life story would become a movie after he befriended Hollywood producer Ali Afshar. 

“It’s the typical thing you hear in Hollywood, isn’t it: ‘I’ll make your life into a movie’,” says Buultjens. “Initially I didn’t really take it seriously. Then things started to become a little more serious and eventually it gained momentum until we heard not only was it getting made, but Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges was going to play my dad.”

Scroll up and check out the trailer for “The Ride.” The film is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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