Thursday, March 4, 2021

David Oyelowo Stars in New Film ‘Come Away’ / EUR Exclusive-WATCH

*David Oyelowo (“Selma”) stars in the new Film “Come Awayalongside Angelina Jolie. In the film, they play the parents of Peter Pan and Alice.

Similar to the original films, we see Peter Pan in “Neverland” and “Alice in Wonderland,” but their reason for going on these adventures is what makes “Come Away” different.

After a tragic event hits the family, Alice and Peter escape to their different worlds to deal with their feelings. As Peter becomes a lost boy and wants to stay in Neverland forever, Alice realizes she needs to get back to reality. She feels as though it is time for her to grow up and become a lady. Because the family is struggling now she must make sure she’s able to make a good life for herself. Her innocence begins to fade and so does her imagination.  

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We talked with Keira Chansa, who plays Alice, and David Oyelowo, who plays Jack the father, about the film. We asked Keira if she could what would she keep from her childhood as she grows up?

Something that I wish I could hold on to is probably having no responsibilities,” says Keira. Low key isn’t that what we all wish for. Come Away illustrates the moment one’s childhood comes to a crossroads. Do you remain a hopeful child full of innocence and imagination or do you let that go?

“As you get older and more tough stuff comes your way, you can lose some of that magic, lose some of the imagination,” David told us.

Oyelowo goes on to say the imagination of the children in the film is what helps him and Angelina Jolie’s characters heal from the tragedy in the family.  

The writers of this film perfectly blend two classic stories into an original story that may be very relatable to a lot of family’s during the times we are in now.  This is a film for the family to enjoy and may also open up conversations about how families can come together to help one another deal with the tough stuff of life.  

“Come Away” is  in theaters and at home On Demand starting today (11-13-20).




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