Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Keke Palmer Reacts to Backlash Over Her Comments About EBT Cards and Healthy Food

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*Keke Palmer is catching heat for suggesting EBT cards should only be used to purchase healthy foods.

The actress/singer shared her take on the matter on Twitter on Monday, writing: “Imagine if your EBT card could only work on healthy items.” 

As expected, several fans flooded her comments to note that “healthy items” are not always affordable and accessible to everyone in America. 

Palmer went on to tag Kamala Harris and Joe Biden in a tweet stating that “EBT cards should swipe free on all items considered healthy.”

The food fight started when Palmer shared her thoughts about pricey healthy food. She stated, “You never realize what healthy food is actually worth until you decide to eat extremely healthy and notice that everything is a million dollars .. !!! I see corporations know the nutritious valuable off top.”

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In a follow-up tweet, Palmer attempted to clarify her message, writing “my tweet was pertaining to issues w/ healthy foods being 2 expensive & thinking it should be free for those w/ EBT cards,” she wrote. 

“This was not a suggestion for solving all low income issues. Solely a hopeful solution 4 those with EBT that want to run it up w/ meat & produce,” she added.

One follower tweeted in response, “The first issue that needs to be addressed is the lack of access to these healthier foods in poor communities and communities of color. Your original idea of EBT only working on “healthy” foods completely overlooks this problem.”

Another commented, “Food deserts make it hard to get healthy food for many poor people. Rather than putting the blame on poor people for eating unhealthily, we should instead ask why capitalism creates situations where unhealthy, over-processed foods are all that many families can afford.”

Do you agree?

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