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THE REAL: Why Was This Election So Close? And Dulcė Sloan Drops in! / WATCH

The Real (3 pics)

*On Thursday, Nov. 5, the hosts of The Real discuss how the presidential election wasn’t the landslide either side had expected, making it even clearer how each vote matters more than ever.

And co-host Loni Love points out that the close election proves that the biggest issue for many people was not, in fact, racism, but the economy. She reminds us that if Joe Biden is indeed the next president, the nation will need to come together, and Biden will need to listen to the people of color who supported his campaign.

The ladies welcome Loyola University student David Price, who introduces them to the Safety Pouch he invented. The device is intended to make traffic stops safer for people of color by allowing them to access their documents more easily.

And Dulcé Sloan stops by to talk about Chick Fight, That Blackass Show and The Daily Show. She also explains why she thinks Family Matters was the most iconic Black American show.

And the hosts chat about Cardi B and Offset’s on-again, off-again and back-on-again relationship – they believe people should leave them alone to let them live their lives!

The Election Was Not A Landslide For Many Reasons And Every Vote Mattered

Let Cardi And Offset Live Their Lives!

Loyola University Student David Price Explains How His Safety Pouch Makes Traffic Stops Safer

Dulcé Sloan Thinks Family Matters Was The Most Iconic Black American Show – She Explains Why!

The Election Was Not A Landslide For Many Reasons And Every Vote Mattered

Adrienne Houghton: While many people on both sides obviously predicted that their candidate would win in a landslide, it clearly didn’t happen that way and many Democrats were actually shocked and surprised to see how many people still voted for and supported Trump in the election. With so many close states, it’s clear more than ever how much your vote truly does matter. This is the proof right here.


Loni Love: Racism has never been a dealbreaker in this country, all right? And you see that. You see that right now. It’s always about economics. And I think a lot of people voted within their pocketbooks, they’re looking at the economy… and I’m not just talking about rich folks. A lot of people that got that $1200, that stimulus – they were happy about that. There were some concerns. So, the thing is, is that we as a nation have to come together, hopefully, you know, when Biden is elected and proclaimed as president, we will be able to work on the divisions. But this is the thing – Biden is going to have to look at the people that actually helped him get here and I’m gonna say it – Black women, 91%…

Garcelle Beauvais: Yes!

Loni: You’re going to have to be held accountable to listening to more Black women. You’re going to be held accountable for listening to those Latinos that have been in your corner. This is the time now. So you have to be – and so this is not – it doesn’t – it’s not finished. We’re not gonna stop.



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