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Election Night: A Battle for the Soul of the Nation

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*When I woke up on Tuesday morning, I could not help but think about who voters would cast their ballots for in the final hours of this year’s Presidential Election. An election that should be considered one of the most important of this generation’s lifetime. It is arguably more significant than the history-making victory of President Barack Obama in 2008 and the shocking landslide loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The results of this year’s election will reveal a great many things about our nation. For one, it will solidify what our identity is as a country in terms of progressivism and conservatism. Second, it will show if we “truly” believe and embody the values of equality, truth, justice and progress that is often our criticism for countries that lack them. Lastly, it will prove if President Trump genuinely has the support of a “silent majority” of Americans who unequivocally believe in his platform and refuse to let his abrasive personality and constant flow of lies prevent his reelection.

In all honesty this election is a battle of our nation’s soul that asks the question; “Will we choose to be better?” In other words, do we continue with the Trump train of mediocrity and division or do we get on the Biden wagon and assist him in mending the wounds of racism and selfishness that has plagued our country since inception.

Currently, as of the time of this publishing, Biden is winning in the national polls. CNN lists Biden as having 237 electoral votes and Trump as having 213. But, their roads to the White House depend on picking up several swing states. This list of swing states changed over the course of election night with the current states needing to be claimed by the two opposing candidates being: Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Biden has picked up Wisconsin, gaining 10 electoral votes and is leading in close percentages in Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona. While, Trump leads in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

The major news networks believe that Pennsylvania is especially a key battleground state and consensus is that it is vital if either candidate wants a real chance at capturing the White House. Trump has a comfortable lead in the state and it looks like he could very well see another four years in the Oval Office. However, Biden could do without the Keystone State if he secures Nevada, Arizona, and Michigan.

Even with that said, this election is too close to call. The fact still remains that Trump is popular amongst his base and a few key groups of people such as Black males and Latinos, specifically of Cuban and Venezuelan ancestry. I personally hope for a Biden and Harris victory this election, but we will have to wait for the “Trump, you’re fired!” celebration.

Joe Biden - DNC speech

Frankly, if Biden does come out of this dogfight victorious, his victory should not be seen as a culmination of America’s dearth of racial animosity and economic inequality. To accept this thinking would be utterly ignorant; such as when people equated President Obama’s 2008 election with America being post-racial. To be honest, I’m not sure what a Biden victory would mean for Americans who select him over Trump.

Personally, a Biden win for me would mean gaining a President that can put a sentence together and have coherent thoughts, while espousing unity amongst a divided nation. But for others it could mean choosing to no longer be a spectator to the reality show that is Washington and a return to normalcy in the sense of a traditional President. Or perhaps, some Americans just defected from their usual political affiliation in order to save its image (cough, cough…The Lincoln Project). Whatever the reason is, a Joe Biden White House will undoubtedly be a considerable improvement over the current Administration.

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