Friday, July 1, 2022

Voting Drama! Trump Demands Recount in Wisconsin As Biden Declared Winner by 20k Votes


Donald Trump is already demanding a recount in Wisconsin (where Joe Biden has now been declared the winner by 20,000 votes) as he continues to rage over the election results and cry “fraud,” claiming his lead mysteriously “vanished” overnight thanks to “surprise dump ballots.”

Earlier we reported …

*It looks like Joe Biden has won Wisconsin. And he did it with just over 20,000 votes, according to the state’s Elections Commission Administrator who told NBC that all ballots have now been counted.

“All of the ballots have indeed been counted. We’re not seeing that there’s any counties that haven’t posted their results on their websites,” said Meagan Wolfe, the administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission

As of this posting, with 97 percent of ballots tallied, Biden is currently ahead of President Donald Trump by 20,697 votes.

An estimated total of 3.3 million votes have been cast in Wisconsin. Biden is currently winning 49.5% of these votes, while Trump is winning 48.8%.

Late mail-in ballot votes have pulled strongly in favour of the former Vice President and have seen him widen the margin over the Republican incumbent in the closing stages.

It’s likely that the state will officially declare that Biden is the winner this morning after stumbling over a delay with counting mail-in ballots in one city when the printers ran out of ink.





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