Thursday, October 6, 2022

Vivica A. Fox Recalls Making ‘History’ with 1996 Film ‘Set It Off’


*Vivica A. Fox became emotional reflecting on her 1996 hit film “Set It Off” while co-hosting ET on Monday. 

“You’re going to make me cry!” Fox said on the show. “I love them,” she said of her castmates Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah and Kimberly Elise. “We made history together and I think that’s why I’m so emotional.” 

Directed by F. Gary Gray, the story follows four close friends who plot a bank robbery. 

“I am so proud of the director, F. Gary Gray, who over 20 years ago when we made that film, he really was a stickler for making the storyline believable,” Fox said. “He was so professional, he was just… we were throwing out pages, and rewriting it and making things work because he didn’t want us to be laughed at.”

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“People literally walked out of the theater from Set It Off in tears and moved and went back to see it again,” she added. 

Rosie Perez was initially offered the role of Frankie but she reportedly turned it down. Fox prepared for her audition for the part with the help of Will Smith

“Will coached me for Set It Off in my trailer… He was dating Jada at the time. Guess he was trying to score some points and it worked, Will!” she joked. 

Fox can next be seen in “True to the Game 2: Gena’s Story,” a sequel to the 2017 thriller based on Teri Woods’ novel of the same name.

“It was great to do the sequel, because it was an independent film, True to the Game, the first one. Columbus Short asked me to do it and people just loved it,” Fox said. “I love taking independent films, producing them and making others’ dreams come true. A film like this wouldn’t get financed — it really wouldn’t — but I came on and the project got greenlit.” 

“I’m very grateful to [producer] Manny Halley that we have now a franchise,” she shared, revealing that True to the Game 3 is also in the works. 

“True to the Game 2: Gena’s Story” hits theaters nationwide on Nov. 6. 

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