Thursday, August 11, 2022

RADIOSCOPE RAW Podcast: Our Uncut 1989 Interview with Stephanie Mills / LISTEN

Stephanie Mills – Photo circa 1970 by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

*Episode 6 of the Radioscope Raw podcast features our 1989 interview with Stephanie Mills.

The larger than life talent in a 4’11” package sat down with us to discuss her 12th album, “Home,” named after her signature song from “The Wiz.”

It had been 15 years since she originated the role of Dorothy in the Broadway musical, and Mills was finally ready to revisit the tune, delivered in a whole new context.

Mills also talks about her working and personal relationship with Angela Winbush (at the 5 min. mark), who penned her first No. 1 single “I Have Learned to Respect the Power of Love,” and also wrote and produced her single “Something In The Way (You Make Me Feel)” from this album, which also went to No. 1, along with the title track.

Mills gets candid about not feeling attractive at times and expresses insecurity over her height (at 13:14). She also talks about the end of her marriage to Shalamar’s Jeffrey Daniel (at 16:04), her opinion on the singing talent of “dance” artists Janet Jackson, Pebbles and Paula Abdul (the 11:30 mark), working with Teddy Riley (at 7:53 and 33:50) and wanting to record in the future with Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson (at 35:30), whom she had once dated.

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Below, listen to some of the tracks and other subjects mentioned in the interview. Here’s the Winbush-written and produced No. 1 single, “Something In The Way (You Make Me Feel).”

Here’s “Real Love,” the Teddy Riley-produced track from “Home” that Mills speaks about in the interview.

Here’s “Comfort of a Man,” the track that Mills says she was initially reluctant to sing.

Here’s “Home,” the title track and remake of her signature song from “The Wiz.” Mills said in the interview that this was “the hardest song” for her to do on the album.




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