Saturday, October 1, 2022

King Yahweh and Monk Quang Chon Meet for Humanitarian Collaboration

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*King Yahweh and The Kingdom of YAHWEH continue to do good deeds for all of mankind.

Another example of that is the October 23rd meeting King Yahweh and The Kingdom of YAHWEH and Monk Quang Chon from the Phuoc Hue Vietnamese Buddhist Temple.

Essentially, the  meeting was a humanitarian collaboration between King Yahweh and Monk Quang Chon where they discussed global affairs and mutual issues of mutual interest.

The historic and productive meeting with the two leaders yielded an agreement that King Yahweh and The Kingdom Of YAHWEH assisting Vietnamese monk and the Phuoc Hue Buddhist Temple in the relief and recovery efforts in Vietnam and the revitalization of existing schools due to damage from recent storms.

In return, Monk Quang  Chon (and Phuoc Hue Buddhist Temple) has agreed to assist King Yahweh and the Kingdom of Yahweh with the Kingdom of YAHWEH’s feeding of South Florida Project.

Photos from the meeting between King Yahweh and Monk Quang Chon:

Yahweh & Monk2-IMG_2095Yahweh & Monk4-IMG_2094Yahweh&Monk5-IMG_2097Yahweh &Monk3-IMG_2096

About the Kingdom of YAHWEH:
The Kingdom of YAHWEH is a community organization with a universal spiritual base that serves people of all nationalities regardless of their chosen walks of life. We are a community of worship without geographical boundaries. As global peace advocates, our goals include connecting with people from every ethnic group and religious background. We work to effect change in the community through our international initiatives via direct or direct sponsorship and supply of resources in areas of need including hospital rehabilitation, education reform, charity drives for the homeless communities, and support of other projects abroad to provide essential resources to displaced families. For more info:




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