Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Howard Hewett Encourages Fans to Vote with His ‘Fresh Air Cardio Conversation’ / WATCH

*Singer Howard Hewett has found a healthy and entertaining way to keep busy during the Coronavirus shutdown. First, he takes his fans with him on his weekday walks through his Southern California neighborhood, where he shares his thoughts on a variety of subjects.

The subject of his most recent walks, which he calls, Fresh Air Cardio Conversation…and Life, or FACC…and Life for short, has been the upcoming election. In addition to his daily walks and conversations, each Friday evening, he performs what he calls “Shut-In Mini Concerts,” on Facebook.

Howard’s election conversation has included the importance of voting, his pleasure with the amount of people who have already voted, the Presidential debates, being overcome with emotion by former President Obama’s speech in PA in support of Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates Biden and Harris, Ice Cube’s “association” with President Trump, a fan from England’s concern with how vocal Howard is about the subjects near and dear to him, and eliminating the Electoral College, among lots of other topics. He has also discussed issues important to Americans during this election: addressing the handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, and Biden’s proposed tax increase on Americans earning more than $400,000 per year. He has also discussed the handling of the three most recent Supreme Court Justice appointments, saying, “They only cared about manipulating the Supreme Court to get what they have now,” referring to more conservative justices than liberal ones on the Supreme Court. He has discussed the importance of wearing a facemask and his thoughts about people who do not wear a mask saying they “do not care about other people.” While dropping knowledge and sharing the beautiful Southern California scenery, Howard encourages people to not take his word for it, but research things for themselves, saying, “Don’t just take me at voice face value. Research the stuff that I talk about. Research it for yourself.” He signs off on each walk saying, “Don’t stop kicking. You don’t drown because the water is too deep; you drown because you stop kicking.”

Howard’s Facebook mini concerts, which occur every Friday at 6:00 pm Pacific Time, are very entertaining, well received and a welcome distraction from what is going on around us these days. Fans have been treated to all of Howard’s hits, including, “I’m for Real,” “Show Me,” I Commit to Love,” “Once Twice, Three Times” and my favorite, “Say Amen.” He also performs lesser known songs, including “Enough,” the last song he did with the late George Duke, as well as songs he made as a member of Shalamar. He typically does not perform the same playlist two weeks in a row; however, sometimes the 600+ viewers get lucky and are treated to a repeat performance of a song. I have mentioned the shut-in mini concerts to several people, and they had no clue they were taking place. I think Howard’s weekly concerts have been a well-kept secret, but why should only 600 or so people have all the fun? It’s just not fair. Come and join us.

‘Like’ Howard Hewitt’s Facebook page and you will be notified when he begins his daily walks and weekly mini concerts. You can also view previous walks and mini concerts on his Facebook page. Check it out, at the best price…FREE!

Marilyn Smith is a Los Angeles based writer/reviewer. Contact her via [email protected]

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