Friday, July 1, 2022

Hoodoo Spells and Meaning Well: Loretta Devine Takes Us Inside the ‘Spell’ Movie / WATCH

*Alrighty then! Just in time for the Halloween season, Loretta Devine and Omari Hardwick delightfully deliver their roles in “Spell.” We’ve seen it and it is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

EURweb associate Chellz Evette spoke to Loretta Devine to get her thoughts on participating in the scary flick

EUR/Chellz Evette: What compelled you to say yes I want to play Ms. Eloise?

Loretta Devine: Besides, me being a workaholic? Well Omari being in it is a part of it and the director. When I met him he sent me copies of the stuff he had done before, I just was so impressed with him his name is Mark Tonderai he’s a black Australian and his way of doing everything is just so different from I think- what the American directors do. He sent a bible that explains everything about your character so you have a lot to study; it explained what hoodoo was which is what we dealt within the script. It was intense and exciting! Giggles not to mention Omari being there with no shirt on with the lashes up in my attic.

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EUR/CE: Does Ms. Eloise Mean well?

Loretta Devine: Laughs You know she doesn’t mean that boy no well…She is a practitioner, she is renowned in the neighborhood she’s like one of the top doctors you would say in her community and theirs truth to it. That this takes place in the Appalachian Mountains and the black community there that very little people know nothing about and they don’t have natural doctors Uh- in the end she does help him. In the end he faces some of the things that that he needs to face. He’s from there; he knows all of this ahead of time she’s just re-teaching him. So in a way she is helping him.

“Spell” is AVAILABLE NOW ON DIGITAL PLATFORMS | Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, DirecTV, VUDU, Xfinity, FandangoNOW and more.





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