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THE REAL: Election Anxiety is So REAL, Plus Nancy Grace on Felon Voting Rights

Nancy Grace (the real)

*On Monday, Oct. 26, the hosts of The Real discuss the very real issue of election anxiety and how to deal with it.

Co-host Garcelle Beauvais admits she’s struggling with it, and co-host Loni Love encourages people to take a break if needed and to keep hope alive.

Is it fair to give a business a racist Yelp review based on a single event? Garcelle relates a recent incident that happened to a friend but wonders if posting about it would damage a restaurant’s reputation.

More people than ever before are working from home, but it is the blessing that it seems? The ladies discuss the pros and cons of being away from the office.

And Nancy Grace drops in to talk about Season 2 of her show, Injustice With Nancy Grace. She shares her views on whether convicted felons should be allowed to vote and reveals she is certain there will be justice for Ahmaud Arbery.

Election Anxiety is Real – Take A Break If You Need, But Keep Hope Alive

Is It Fair To Give a Business a Racist Yelp Review Based On One Incident?

Is Being Able to Work From Home Really The Blessing It Seems?

Nancy Grace On Whether Convicted Felons Should Be Allowed To Vote

Nancy Grace: “There Will Be Justice For Ahmaud Arbery”

Election Anxiety is Real – Take A Break If You Need, But Keep Hope Alive

Loni Love: People are actually experiencing “election anxiety…”

Garcelle Beauvais: I feel it.

Loni: …across the country. Ladies, how are you guys feeling, I’m checking in with you. Election anxiety, how do you feel?

Garcelle: I’m feeling it, I have to be completely honest. I am feeling it, I am nervous, I am scared of what’s going to happen, you know now we’re hearing that ballot boxes are being – you know, are either fake or people are taking them away. There was, I think, a mailman who got arrested because he dumped all the ballots that he got because he thought they were Democrats. It’s scary! It’s a really scary time. I get it if people feel like, anxious. I mean, if Donald Trump wins, I will break down and cry, ‘cause I feel like there are no consequences to everything that he’s done, so… I get it. I try to take time out, I try to like, ok, “Tonight you know what, before I go to bed, I’m not going to watch the news.” But I get it, I get why people are feeling it, ‘cause it’s happening to me.


Loni: We should prepare, and I think, first of all, let’s not give up hope, first of all. There’s always hope. The election isn’t done, so I tell people to have hope. But also there have been a lot of people that have been fighting the good fight. All this summer, fighting through the pandemic. And if you are one of those people, first of all, we want to salute all of you, I think that it’s important for you to take a break. Even like during some of the civil unrest, you saw people doing the Electric Slide all in a group and things like that. But if you have to take a mental health break, take a mental health break, it is so important during these times. But again, thank you to especially the community activists, the civil servants, people like that, that are really pushing to change policy and legislation. Take a break if you need to take a break. But also – keep hope alive.



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