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Kanye West Claims God Told Him to Become ‘Leader of the Free World’ [VIDEO]

*Kanye West chopped it up with Joe Rogan on his podcast on Saturday, during which he opened up about his political aspirations and revealed that he was inspired by God to run for president. 

“It was something that God put in my heart back in 2015,” West said, Us Weekly reports.  “A few days before the MTV Awards it hit me in the shower. When I first thought of it, I just started laughing to myself and all this joy came over my body, through my soul. I felt that energy. I felt that spirit.”

Ye said he stayed focused on that goal because he thought he would “definitely be a billionaire by that time.”

“Not that that’s a reason why someone should become president, but it’s to say, you know, at that time I was around 50 million dollars in debt, and I knew I had the confidence that I would be able to turn that around,” he explained.

“When I saw Trump win, [I could see] that you can win if you come from outside of politics,” he said.

“If it’s in God’s plan that part of my path is to be the governor then that’s fine, but my calling is to be the leader of the free world,” he continued.

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West announced in July that he planned to run in the 2020 presidential election against Trump and former vice president Joe Biden.

During his first rally, the Grammy-winning rapper broke down crying while recalling the moment he and wife Kim Kardashian learned she was pregant wih their first child, and the couple considered abortion.

“People saw this clip of me crying. Some people didn’t know what I was crying about. I was crying about that there is a possible chance that Kim and I didn’t make the family that we have today,” West explained to Rogan, per Billboard.

“That’s my most family-friendly way to word that. The idea of it just tears me up inside, that I was a part of a culture that promotes this kind of thing. One of the major statistics on the subject of life is that the greatest advocates for the A-word [abortion] are men from ages 31-37. That’s how old I was. I felt like I was too busy. My dad felt like he was too busy for me. We have a culture of that … In our culture, we’re doped up, and psyched out, and made to kill our children,” West explained.

“We have to decouple the conversation of Planned Parenthood and women’s choice. I’m Christian, so I’m pro-life. When I go into office, I’m not changing laws because I realize we live in an imperfect world and an imperfect society. What I will be presenting is a Plan A. We’ve already started working on a Plan A to change the connotation of orphanages, to change the connotation of foster care,” he continued.

Adding, “There were 210,000 deaths due to COVID in America. Everywhere you go, you see someone with a mask on. With A, the A word, A culture — I’ll say it one time, with abortion culture — there are 1,000 Black children aborted a day. Daily. We are in genocide. More Black children since February than people have died of COVID. And everyone wears a mask. So it’s a matter of where are we turning a blind eye to?”

West also noted that he’s prioritizing his relationship with God over the music industry.

“When I made Sunday Service, I completely stopped rapping, because I don’t know how to rap for God. All my raps always had nasty jokes. When I went to the hospital in 2016, I wrote, ‘Started church in Calabasas.’ As we left from 2018 going into 2019, I said, ;I’m not going to let one Sunday go by without starting this church.; To start a ministry, I’m like the little drummer boy, where I’m saying, ‘This is all I got to bring, my drum.’ I might not be well versed in the Word, but I know how to make music and I know how to put this choir together. And all things can be made good for God. It quickly became the best choir of all time, because all the best singers moved to California. … I was four months in before I gave my life to God. I wasn’t saved, I just had a calling, saying, ‘Just go make this church.'”

“God knocked me off my horse, literally called me and said, ‘Now I need you.’ Not that God needs me, but we need God. He called me to serve him. I was tired of serving the music industry, tired of serving filling up stadiums.”

Scroll up and watch the video highlights from the West/Rogan interview above. 

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