Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Wendy Williams Expose: Staff Says it’s Like ‘Watching a Train-wreck Every Day’ / Explosive Details!

Wendy Williams - shoe cam

*Now that viewers at home are beginning to notice that Wendy Williams has been having difficulties on-air, “Wendy Williams Show” staffers are speaking out about what’s allegedly going on behind-the-scenes — and it’s not good.

Sources close to ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ exclusively tell that they believe Wendy is self-medicating (again) with “prescription pills, some kind of opioid.”

“The production staff is at a loss for what to do,” the source says.

“Because of COVID, the staff sits in the audience every show, and they’re constantly worried she’s going to pass out on the air like before. Some days it’s so bad, the producers will pull the plug and air a repeat,” the source continues. “But It’s a big production and they can’t keep wasting money like that.”

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If you recall, back in 2017 Wendy infamously passed out mid-show during the Halloween episode.

“It’s an awful situation, and everyone involved around her is both concerned and over it. Everyone feels bad for all the personal drama she’s gone through the last few years at the hands of her loutish ex-husband, but what can they do?” says the source.

Despite Wendy’s health battles and multiple hiatuses, Debmar-Mercury decided to renew Wendy’s show after their planned replacement, ‘The Jerry O’Connell Show,’ fell through with awful ratings.

That decision is now allegedly being called into question by those most concerned for Wendy’s health.

“It’s really the top brass at the studio Deb Mercury who need to step in and put their foot down, make her go to rehab and get the help she clearly needs. It was hoped that she would…”

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