Saturday, August 13, 2022

Baltimore Couple Creates Card Game ‘Winsults,’ An Updated Version of ‘The Dozens’ (Video)
Lanee Higgins and Davon Ford

*Baltimore couple Lanee Higgins and Davon Ford have created a game that offers a modern take of The Dozens.

“Winsults,” a card game in which you win by insulting your competitors, was birthed on Valentine’s Day in 2019. “Davon was roasting me. As he was laughing, he started saying this should be a game,” Higgins recalled to The Baltimore Times. He began thinking of rules, and the game Winsults was born.

The couple knew they had a hit after hosting a play-test event.

“We had just received the prototype and were ready to play. We had invited friends from all different circles to try out the game we created,” Higgins said. “It’s crazy how Winsults connected everyone in the room. Some of these people who had never met before were laughing together like they’d known each other for years.”

Here’s how the game works. In a Winsults deck, there are 26 alphabet cards, nine warp cards, and an instruction booklet that comes with a disclaimer. Higgins and Ford said Winsults is best played with loved ones and those we are most comfortable with because the game captures the feeling of home.

“Imagine you’re at a party, and you bring Winsults,” the couple noted. “You’re playing against your significant other who you’ve only been dating for two weeks. It’s your turn. You get the letter ’B.’ There are many insults that start with B— bum, bad, busted, big, burly— you go through them one at a time a five letter one that’s particularly chaotic. Forty seconds gone, only five seconds left to win the round. You can’t think of any other B insults. Do you unleash the chaos? That’s for you to decide.”

The couple wants everyone to understand that Winsults is “more than just a product.”

“We’re tired of game companies trying to sell you something just to upsell you later,” Higgins said. “We want you to buy Winsults once and only once so you can enjoy it for years to come.”

Learn more about Winsults in the interview below. To purchase the game, visit:




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