Saturday, September 24, 2022

What Being Used by Trump Looks Like – ‘N*gga Please’ is Cube’s Response

Ice Cube & 50 Cent wearing Trump Caps (manipulated)
Ice Cube & 50 Cent wearing Trump Caps (manipulated)

*Uh huh, that Photo-shopped pic above is EXACTLY what we knew would happen. Even Stevie Wonder saw it coming. Yep. errr’body saw it comin’ ‘cep Ice Cube. Fifty Cent of course doesn’t care ’cause he has publicly pledged his allegiance to Trump. Ice Cube is trying to have it both ways … trying to do that (“Platinum Plan”) deal with Trump without committing to him.

OK, here’s the bottom line. Eric Trump took to Twitter and shared the above (fake) image of both Ice Cube and 50 Cent wearing ‘Trump 2020′ hats along with the caption “Two great, courageous Americans!’

Apparently not feeling too comfortable with the “compliment” and especially the snap, Ice Cube responded to Eric with a simple “N*gga Please …”

Ice Cube nigga please tweet - Screen-Shot-2020-10-20-at-9.30.00-AM-710x299

We’re not sure of what to make of Ice Cube’s very, er, interesting response to Eric Trump.  Oh yeah, just so you know, before Eric’s original tweet got deleted, Twitter flagged the image as “manipulated media.”

Ice Cube & 50 cent with trump caps - Screen-Shot-2020-10-20-at-9.29.51-AM

Oh yeah, here is the real, non-manipulated pic of Cube and Fiddy:

We’d love to know what your thoughts are about this situation. So, scroll down and let us know. In the meantime, check out what some folks saying on Facebook:

  • Cube thought he was doing something by speaking with the Trump organization, we tried to tell him he was gonna be used to push their ” we care for blacks” when in fact they do not!
    This whole thing is turning into a modern day minstrel show. At this point, I’m just ready for this election to be done & if the vote isn’t favorable, I’ll make peace with it & move on
    • Cube should’ve shut up during this election. They will try to use you but whatever it’s done now. It’s lots of confused people and now I’m sure they’re even more confused on who to vote for. This Was unnecessary
      You see how they work now,Cube??
      Your intentions were good(I had to watch the interview, where you broke it down and I also listen at T.I explaining it…I was pissed at you at first),but they are the Devil and do sh*t like this.

      There is no negotiatin…

      This election is really getting on my last nerve. The Dems and They. I tell you. But, really, why??? Not a good move. You missed up “They” (Republicans).
    • The hats are photoshopped…since all games have zero people attending..
      But they do lean towards the republican parties in ways to benefit thier agenda
    • This pretty much sums up the past 4 years Totally & Absolutely Manipulated..based in Fabrications Alternative Facts & Truths
    • Top Fan
      I hope they seriously see how much they are worth to people like the trumps! They look like some clowns!

      Ice Cube used the N word because it refers to low character not race. I still don’t approve. Mr. Cube brought this upon himself. There will be a fallout for him and others long after this election
    source: LoveBScott




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