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Dave Chappelle Shares His Thoughts on Black Lives Matter with David Letterman [WATCH]

*Netflix will drop the third season of “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” this week, and comedian Dave Chappelle is among this season’s guests.

During the conversation, Letterman notes how late civil rights icon John Lewis, who was famously beaten by a police officer, died after the police killing of George Floyd sparked a renewed push for basic human rights. 

“What a tragic footnote to a tragic culture,” Chappelle tells Letterman. “This is a lot to unpack. Nights like this are important. Just talking about it. We’re countrymen, all of us. We live in America. It’s weird now, because this game of ‘who suffered more,’ everyone keeps getting the ball. They act like everyone’s suffering is mutually exclusive from everyone else’s, and you and I both know that this is far from the case.”

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Dave Chappelle and David Letterman - Twitter

“It’s a thing, and I’m troubled about the volume of it” Chappelle continued. “It doesn’t sound like something that’s settling or hurtling towards an easy resolution.” When Letterman asks about if this moment in time could predict “real change,” Chappelle makes it clear that he’s “not making any predictions. I’m very hopeful, yes, that there will be real change, and just traditionally, just from my experience, change is never like a comfortable proposition. It’s uncomfortable before it’s comfortable again.”

You can check out a clip from their interview up above and watch the full interview when Season 3 of “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” premieres October 21 on Netflix.

The preview shows the two discussing celebrities as public leaders.

“There’s no pension plan for leaders,” Chappelle said. “Martin Luther King died penniless. Malcolm X died penniless. I don’t want do that.”

“I said it behind what many others were already doing,” he continued. “The commentary after it was very heady and intellectual. And I was shocked that nobody ever talked about how it feels to watch a man get murdered that way. By a man in a police uniform.”

This season’s guests also include Kim Kardashian West, Robert Downey Jr. and Lizzo.

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