Sunday, October 17, 2021

Activist Najee Ali Cancels Starz Subscription to Protest 50 Cent’s Endorsement of Trump

50 Cent - Trump
50 Cent – Donald Trump

*LA based Civil rights activist Najee Ali, Director of Project Islamic Hope, has canceled his Starz subscription in response to rapper/actor/producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson‘s announcement that he has  endorsed Donald Trump for re election as President of the United States.

Just in case you didn’t know or forgot, 50 Cent helped create and produce two of the Starz Network’s most popular shows “Power” and “Power Book ll Ghost.”

“50 Cent has the right to endorse and vote for anyone he chooses.  I also have the right to not financially continue to support his career and business projects. The Trump presidency has been a disaster for people of color and the less fortunate.

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“Over 200 000 Americans have died of Covaid19 in large part because of Trump’s failure to act in a timely fashion and provide the proper leadership reccomended by health officials and science. Trump first act in office was to implement a Muslim ban and locked up immigrant children in cages  separating them from their families.

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Najee Ali - GettyImages-564004299
Najee Ali (Getty)

“Trump is a racist president who has never condemned white supremacy but embraced it. For “50 Cent” to openly embrace a racist like Trump sends a horrible message. I refuse to support “50 Cent ” or any celebrity whose endorsement of Trump is more important than the health and welfare of Black people.

“I encourage all Starz subscription  holder’s to join me and cancel your Starz subscription. The only way we can teach people like “50 Cent ” who become traitors to Black people is to cancel their programs and products” – stated Najee Ali Director of Project Islamic Hope (



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