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Kandy Apple Redd Raise Our Temperature with ‘Do Things’ Their Sexy Isotopia Records Debut

*As Autumn comes and cooler weather prevails, Kandy Apple Redd, raise the temperature with with a new sexy sound on “Do Things” their Isotopia Records debut.

The video for “Do Things” helmed by award winning Director Gabriel ‘Video God’ Hart, depicts the seasons in New York City with the duo performing in many popular locations including Central Park and Times Square, celebrating the treasures of pre-pandemic New York – a ‘love letter’ of sorts to the beleaguered city in crisis. “Do Things” is streaming everywhere. [Via player above and]

Cousins Tonysha Nelson and Patavian Lewis create melodic layers setting a mood that make lovers want to “Do Things” to one another.

The music video, produced by label head Constance Hauman, took a year to film and assemble in order to capture New York’s various moods.

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Kandy Apple Red DO THINGS screenshot 5 1080x1080
Kandy Apple Red – screenshot

As the granddaughters of legendary Funk and R&B maestro George Clinton, the Clinton cousins’ gift for music came naturally, but not without effort and commitment.

Kandy Apple Redd has been on the road for the past decade honing their craft performing in concert with Parliament-Funkadelic over 200 nights a year. It was on tour where they met Isotopia magic maker, Constance Hauman who pledged to work to polish their proverbial apple.

“Working on our “Do Things” video was an exciting experience. Being in Central Park, filming in the same spot our grandfather (George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic) filmed “Cosmic Slop”was euphoric, and as the New Yorkers watched us we felt a scense of gratification knowing we were carrying on the legacy”  Tonysha Nelson, Kandy Apple Redd

Named to the Hip-Hop 100, Gabriel “Video God” Hart is known for his work with Kendrick Lamar, Migos, Ne-yo, and  George Clinton among many other notables. “Working with Gabriel is always an inspiring experience” says Tonysha adding, “He pushes us to our best and makes us look amazing. He’s a pioneer in the game, so it’s always a pleasure!”  “Do Things” was the second professional pairing for Hart and Hauman who were the creative forces behind the epic multi-continent clip “Phat Blunt ft. George Clinton” by Isotopia labelmates, Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf.

Premiering Monday October 19th at (AM PST / Noon EST) on YouTube, Kandy Apple Redd wants you to watch and decide who you want to “Do Things” to this cuffing season. []

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