Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Vegan Dishes and Holiday Wishes: Keshia Knight Pulliam Talks Recipes & ‘The Christmas Aunt’ / WATCH

*The holidays are a special time to be around family, good food and a significant other if you have one.

EUR associate  Chellz Evette had an interesting chat with Keshia Knight Pulliam about her character Rebecca in her new film that is navigating that space but seemingly finds unexpected love during the holidays

EUR: Tell us about Rebecca, your character.

KNP: “ Rebecca, she is working woman who lives in LA, with all of the fabulous people. Who is originally from a small town in Nashville and she goes home for the holidays to watch her niece and nephew and while she’s there she gets them reinvigorated with the Christmas spirit and of course you know, it’s the holidays its Lifetime so it’s a little love story in there as well…

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keisha knight pulliam - the real1
Keisha Knight Pulliam on The Real

EUR: A lot of single woman can relate to Rebecca because she goes back home and runs into a childhood friend and then…

KNP: (smiling) “See what had happen was…he was her childhood best friend and its one of those situations when your best friends and you go home and kind of realize that its something that you’re missing.”

EUR: What would be a good vegan holiday dish?

KNP: “Well I have a really good, like during this kind of colder weather where you want to be cozy–I love Chili so I make a really great vegan chili. If you’re not vegan the same recipe works with turkey, ground beef, you don’t even miss the meat at all. I use ground Beyond Meat or can just do it strictly with vegetables.

Check out the full interview and watch “The Christmas Aunt” on Lifetime Network November 1st 8pm




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