Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Ice Cube/Donald Trump Hook Up: Here’s the Inside Story Via Politico

Ice Cube & Trump
Ice Cube – Donald trump

*(Via Politico) – This is the story of how Ice Cube wound up in a room with Jared Kushner less than two months before the election — then locked arms with Donald Trump in a move that delighted the president’s supporters and angered many African Americans.

Late last month, the iconic rapper quietly slipped into Washington, D.C., for a three-hour meeting near the White House with Kushner and other senior advisers to Trump. After a summer of racial unrest, Ice Cube was promoting a “Contract with Black America” to help lift African Americans economically. He wanted the administration’s ear.

Eager to siphon off a slice of Joe Biden’s black support, Trump had been wooing African Americans for months. Landing Ice Cube’s endorsement was a stretch, but a collaboration with the famous rapper would still be a big get. Even heading off an Ice Cube endorsement of Joe Biden would send a message, Trump allies thought.

After that sitdown, White House aides went back and forth with Ice Cube over his 13-point blueprint — parts of which they agreed with, others they did not. But a few weeks later, when Trump released his own proposal to boost African Americans, it included Ice Cube’s biggest ask: a $500 billion capital infusion into the Black community.

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After the Trump campaign revealed Wednesday that Ice Cube had helped shape the president’s plan, an array of Black commentators responded with fury. Touré said the artist was “being used”; Roxane Gay asked: “How … does the guy from NWA become MAGA?”

A person familiar with the discussions said Ice Cube touched base with Biden’s campaign, too, but received only a vague commitment to have “a seat at the table” if the former vice president won. So Ice Cube moved ahead with Trump, saying he would take political support from anyone for his plan, regardless of party.

Get the rest of the story about Ice Cube hooking up with Donald Trump at Politico.



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