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Robin Givens Shares How She Really Feels About Jamie Foxx’s Mike Tyson Biopic



Robin Givens & Mike Tyson

Robin Givens & Mike Tyson (Getty)

*Robin Given is opening up about feeling dread when she first learned of the Mike Tyson biopic that’s currently in development starring Jamie Foxx.  

“I felt this drop in the pit of my stomach and was like, ‘Oh no, here we go again,’” the actress, 55, tells PEOPLE. “I felt like the world was crumbling again.”

Givens was 23 when she wed the boxing champion in February 1988 —  but they called it quits eight months later, amid allegations of physical abuse.

After the split, “I remember my ex-husband calling up and saying, ‘I’ve decided I’m not going to kill you. I’m going to make your life so miserable you’re going to slit your own throat die,’” she recalls.

Givens shares her own experiences with domestic violence with organizations including the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and notes that “when I speak to women and I sit in shelters and I hold children, I realize that the details of our stories are the same,” she says.

“My story is your story. Your story is my story,” Givens adds. 

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“The marriage was eight months of my life and yet he’s still saying slanderous things on his podcast,” she says.

“He’s not physically hitting me anymore, but it hurts almost as much,” Givens tells PEOPLE. 

We previously reported… Givens issued a cease & desist to keep her name, likeness and marital drama out of the upcoming Tyson biopic. 

She reportedly served both Tyson and Foxx with documents demanding “that Mr. Tyson cease and desist from further defaming Ms. Givens, and to put those producing, writing and/or directing the proposed Tyson biopic, and those producing Mr. Tyson’s podcast, on notice that they are to refrain from portraying Ms. Givens in a false, negative and defamatory light.”

Givens’ attorney Arthur Aidala Aidala said of the project, “It was pretty extensive. It highlighted all of the past abuse by Michael of her in the media and in his one-man show and in his book and that we were going to take legal action if the movie was going to feature derogatory and slanderous remarks.” 

A rep for Tyson says, “As of now, Mr. Tyson’s attorneys have not received any cease and desist but there isn’t nor has there been any intention of including his relationship with her in his biopic.  He wishes her well in all her endeavors.”

“I’m more than relieved,” says Givens. “Now I’m just trying to really give a voice to women that don’t have a voice.”

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1 Comment

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Idris Elba to Interview Music Legend Paul McCartney in BBC One Holiday Special



Idris Elba, Paul McCartney

Idris Elba

*Idris Elba is set to interview former Beatle Paul McCartney for a BBC One holiday special.

The 60-minute programed titled Idris Elba Meets Paul McCartney will see the actor interview the music legend about his career and impact on pop music history. 

Here’s more from

Paul will talk about his writing process which has produced some of the best loved and most performed songs ever. Idris will seek to find out what inspires Paul to continue to innovate creatively, on the eve of the release of his 26th post-Beatles album McCartney III, the third album in a trilogy of classics featuring Paul playing every instrument and writing and recording every song. Paul launched his solo career in 1970 with the release of McCartney.

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Idris says: “When I was asked if I wanted to speak to Paul McCartney, after I realised it wasn’t a joke, I immediately said yes… who wouldn’t?! I am a massive fan of Paul’s! His work has inspired and driven me as a musician, and once I get through the shock of sharing the stage with him, I’m excited to talk about his music and craft. What an honour! Looking forward to sitting with you Paul.”

Paul says: “I’m looking forward to sitting down to a chat with the mighty Idris!”

McCartney has sold over 100 million solo singles and over 700 million albums, with over 1 billion worldwide record sales. He’s also won over 70 major global awards – including 18 Grammys and 8 Brit awards. 

“Paul McCartney has undoubtedly created some of the UK’s best loved songs, songs which are known throughout the world, so I’m thrilled that he’ll lift the lid on how he continues to create lyrics and music that will forever stand the test of time,” says Kate Phillips, Acting Controller, BBC One. “The must see combination of Paul in conversation with one of our best loved actors and super fan, Idris Elba, as well as an incredible live performance from the Cavern, are the perfect Christmas presents for BBC audiences.”

The special will broadcast on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in December, and on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds.

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Civil Rights

Virginia State Worker Put on Leave Days After Complaining about Systemic Racism (Watch)




DOC employee Michael Murphy

*A man who works for the Virginia Department of Corrections says he was placed on leave just days after raising concerns about systemic racism at his job.

“The timing is very suspicious,” said DOC employee Michael Murphy. He tells 8News he’s worked in corrections for 30 years, eight of which, with the Virginia DOC.

He says that while working as a unit manager at State Farm Correctional Center in Powhatan County, he noticed a pattern within the department: hard-working, qualified Black employees getting passed over for promotions.

“There’s been a practice, I noticed of African Americans being laterally moved involuntarily, several hours from their workplace,” Murphy said. “In one case, it was five hours away from her workplace.”

Murphy believes it’s designed to make them quit.

“It is happening very disproportionately to Blacks. I find it to be incredibly unfair and very discriminatory,” Murphy said.

So, as a manager, he decided to speak up. He first filed an EEOC complaint with the State of Virginia. Then, on Sept. 24, he filed a formal grievance with his immediate supervisor.

He says he alleged, “systemic racism within the department.”

Then, five days later, Murphy said, “I was put on administrative leave for lack of civility.”

Watch his story below:

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‘The Real’ Hosts Catching Heat After Criticizing Inmates’ Access to TikTok [VIDEO]



loni love - screenshot

*The ladies of the talk show “The Real” are catching heat over comments they made about inmates using the popular app TikTok

During their discussion, Loni Love noted her disapproval over prisoners having access to social media. 

“A lot of them are doing it because they get money. They put their Cashapp in their account and they’re getting money.”

She added, “I don’t think it’s right. You’re in prison for a reason! You ain’t in prison to be partying and making dance videos.”

Garcelle Beauvais, who is new to the hosting panel, agreed with Love and said, “I agree with you Loni, I don’t think it’s right.”

Watch the ladies dish about the issue via the clip below.

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Adrienne Bailon also doesn’t think it’s fair that inmates have access to TikTok.

“I don’t think it’s right and I have to think of it this way… I would have such an issue if someone was in prison for doing something terrible to my family member and then I’m seeing them here on TikTok having a good ole time making videos and getting money from Cashapp. I would feel like that wasn’t justice. I wouldn’t feel that justice was served too,” she explained.

Bailon added, “Specifically, when you’re talking about violent crimes or something like that. That’s upsetting. Like I can’t imagine you having done something violent to a family member, killing someone in my family, and then I get to see you do a little song and a dance on TikTok. That would piss me off.”

As expected, several viewers took to Twitter to make clear that they much they disagree with ‘The Real’ hosts. One Twitter user wrote, “Considering that Black men make up a disproportionate number of those that are inmates, it’s clear y’all are asking this because the religion of white supremacy demands the total and absolute subjugation of Black men at its altar.” 

Do you agree? Sound off in the comments, and check out some of the reactions to their remarks below:


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