Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Details Moments Before & After Shooting to Gayle King; He Was Holding Her Hand When She was Hit (Watch)

breonna taylor's boyfriend cbs
Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker on CBS This Morning

*Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker said the pair had been watching a movie in bed when police stormed into the apartment as part of a narcotics investigation, and shot Taylor dead.

“To the world she’s just a hashtag, a picture, and all of that,” he told “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King in a sit down interview. “But to me it was much more. More than a girlfriend too. I think that’s what I want the world to know the most. That was my best friend… The most important person pretty much to me on Earth. And they took her.”

Walker recounted the events leading up to Taylor’s death in painstaking detail during the interview, and said he’s “a million percent sure that nobody identified themselves. If they had knocked on the door and said who it was, we could hear them. It was dead silent.”

Feeling “deathly afraid,” Walker said they got up to put on clothes amid the loud pounding to make themselves “decent to answer the door.”
“Then I grab my gun,” he said.

A licensed gun owner, Walker said the moment was “the one time” he had to use it.

“If it was the police at the door and they just said, ‘We’re the police,” me or Breonna didn’t have a reason at all not to open the door to see what they wanted,” Walker said.
He had been holding Taylor’s hand during the gunfire when he heard her scream.

“I pulled her down to the ground. But, you know, she was scared so she just didn’t get down,” he said.

When the gunfire stopped, Walker said Taylor was alive and bleeding. He called his mother as he held her.

“I told her that somebody just kicked in the door and shot Breonna. And she’s freaking out at this point. But she told me to call 911. So I did,” Walker said.

The gut-wrenching 911 call has since been made public. Walker’s voice can be heard telling the operator that someone “kicked in the door” and shot his girlfriend.

Watch the entire interview below:




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