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Trump Campaign Wants Omarosa to Pay for $1M Ad Campaign

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*President Donald Trump wants former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman to pay for a million dollar ad campaign as a “corrective” measure for the harsh comments she has made about her former boss.  

The recommendation was offered from an expert witness in documents submitted as part of an ongoing arbitration case over Manigault Newman’s 2018 book “Unhinged” and associated interviews.

Here’s more from MSN:

The witness, Eric W. Rose, a crisis management expert, detailed a lengthy advertising proposal across several platforms that would cost just over $846,000. He did not suggest a time frame by which the ad campaign would need to take place. But the proposal mentions several times the impressions Ms. Manigault Newman’s comments could have left with “voters,” and was filed a few weeks before the election.

“It would be my recommendation that Ms. Manigault Newman pays for the corrective ads/corrective statements outlined above to counteract the long-term adverse effects of information that appeared as a result of Ms. Manigault Newman violating her confidentiality agreement,” Rose wrote. He concluded: “If corrective ads are not placed, voters may continue to hold beliefs about the president as a result of Ms. Manigault Newman’s statements.”

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Omarosa’s lawyer, John Phillips, called Rose’s document a form of “weaponized litigation.”

“Friday, we found out their bullets are commercials they want Omarosa to go do,” he said. “This isn’t free speech. It’s speech with a gun to your head.”

Trump’s lawyers filed an arbitration case against Manigault Newman after the release of her tell-all book. They accuse her of violating a nondisclosure agreement signed when the Trump campaign hired her in 2016.  In her book she describes the president as a racist and misogynist. 

Rose’s report suggests Manigault Newman should “provide a paid media recommendation with the goal of reaching audiences reached by negative statements disseminated by Ms. Manigault Newman.”

Its “targeted audiences” is listed as existing in 15 “select states” — all electoral battle grounds, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“Media would be flighted across all channels/publishers,” Rose wrote. “Timing is to be determined.”

He added, “A person who abides by confidentiality agreements when writing a book and subsequently making media appearances to promote the book would never be in a position to be forced to run corrective advertising. It is my opinion that the only effective remedy would be a corrective advertising campaign that would be financed by Ms. Manigault Newman.”

The arbitration case has been going on since 2018, when Omorosa was booted from the White House.

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