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Jenifer Lewis (‘black-sh’) Supports – Appeals to Black Men to Vote / WATCH

*Los Angeles – Today,, a political action committee based in Los Angeles, released a celebrity support ad featuring Jenifer Lewis, one of the stars on the ABC sitcom ‘black-ish.’

An outspoken civil rights advocate, Lewis is known for speaking her mind on civil and human rights issues.

“I want to talk to the brothers right now,” said Lewis. “A lot of you are not in the habit of voting, but this election, we need you. Brothers, we need you. Please vote Biden-Harris.”

Last month announced a national strategic campaign to urge Black men to participate in the electoral process at all levels and to encourage them to vote for the Biden-Harris 2020 Democratic ticket.

Launched in 2020 by Atty. Dermot Givens, James Smith, and Joey Hill, a network of Black men who support the Biden-Harris ticket, the organization’s mission is to increase the percentage of Black male voters nationwide.

“The goal of BlackMenVoting is to directly confront and counter efforts to suppress the number of Black men voting,” said BlackMenVoting Co-Founder Dermot Givens. “Politics is about controlling the message. We are going to counter the Republicans’ fake outreach to Black men. We’re not going to allow the other side to control the message. As Biden says, ‘it’s for the soul of America.’ Black men have soul. We have an opportunity to change the direction of this country.”

In support of the campaign, the organization previously unveiled a celebrity ad campaign called ‘Kings Supporting Our Queens,’ featuring Lynn Whitfield (Greenleaf) and Malcolm Jamal Warner

(The ResidentThe Cosby Show). Other celebrity ads are expected to be released each week leading up to Election day, Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

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“I’m putting all my confidence, and my vote, and my efforts and my hard work into electing Biden-Harris,” said Lynn Whitfield. “We raise our voices and vote.”

“Brothers, vote like your life depends upon it because it does,” said Malcolm Jamal Warner. “Now is the time.”

According to Pew Research Center, in 2016, 64% of eligible Black women said they voted, compared with 54% of eligible Black men. College-educated Black women were only slightly more likely than college-educated Black men to report turning out to vote in 2016 (74% vs. 71%).

White men and White women were more likely to say they voted than their Black counterparts (67% of White women and 64% of White men in 2016).

DERMOT GIVENS is an Attorney and Political Consultant. Attorney Givens provides political insight to multiple media organizations including, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, KNBC, KCBS, and the Los Angeles Sentinel. Attorney Givens has managed and been a Senior Consultant on more campaigns in California than any other African-American political consultant. Attorney Givens is the creator of the new web crime series:

REVJEWETT LWALKER is a faith-based outreach consultant. His keen and insightful analysis of voter data has won some difficult campaigns in Southern California. He started his firm, Walker Communication Group, Inc., in 1994 and is considered the godfather of African-American political consultants in California.

JAMES “SMITTY” SMITH is a digital and direct mail consultant. Smith is the former (retired) postmaster general for Los Angeles. He is the founder and CEO of Executive Communication Services, Inc. that has provided one-stop direct mail and e-mail services to campaigns and business’s throughout California.

SAMUEL “JOEY” HILL is an elected official outreach consultant and a political veteran of numerous political campaigns in California. His experience includes serving as chief of staff in both houses of the California Legislature.

EDWARD ROEBUCK is a celebrity coordinator consultant and was previously the tour manager for singer Nancy Wilson for more than 20 years until her retirement.

BlackMenVoting is a Federal Election Commission SuperPAC (FEC#C00758409) that is not controlled or coordinated with any candidate.



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