Friday, October 22, 2021

‘Time’ Director Garrett Bradley Shares Her Thoughts On How Incarceration Affects Families

*Amazon Prime Video presentsTime,” a remarkable documentary about a couple’s fight against the system and unjust sentencing.

Fox and Rob Rich were involved in a robbery in the early 90s, while Fox received a plea deal her husband Rob was sentenced to 60 years in prison. Excessive sentencing of black men is a known problem in our society. When these men are incarcerated it not only affects their lives but also the lives of their family. 

Director Garrett Bradley came across Fox and Rob’s story while filming another documentary that focused on the family of incarcerated men and women. After meeting Fox, Garret knew she wanted to help her tell her story and approach the Time documentary with the same focus on the family. 

“When we think about 2.3 million people that are incarcerated we are proposing an invisible society, and so the only way in many cases for us to prove what’s happening and see what’s happening is through the family. Is through those serving time on the outside,” says Bradley.  

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We see Fox’s life go on and yet pause at the same time. As that time goes on we see her sons grow up without their father around physically. But the family tries to keep Rob as involved as they can with phone calls and making videos of special moments Rob can see once he’s released. Time seems to be paused in the moments where Fox is adamantly fighting to reduce her husband’s sentence. Having to constantly relive the incident from the past and continue to face obstacles that prolong the process of getting Rob released.  

Through seeing the family’s struggle the massage about the excessive sentencing of black men is not lost. Fox has to deal with lawyers who feel her fight is a lost cause. She is faced with judges who make racist and insensitive comments about her husband’s case. Not wanting to grant her an appeal because then “they” would all want their sentences appealed. In American black men on average receive a sentence that is 19.1 percent longer than white men. This isn’t just a problem for the black community, it is a problem for America.  

“Time” premieres on Amazon Prime Video on October 16 



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