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On ‘THE REAL’: Senator Elizabeth Warren On Holding Government Leaders Accountable and Another Debate!

Elizabeth Warren - The Real

*On Tuesday, October 13, the hosts welcome Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has a lot to say about the upcoming election.

She shares why she believes it’s so important to have female voices in politics and especially why we need to hold our government leaders accountable for promises made to communities of color. (She also has a very strong opinion about whether there should be another debate between former Vice President Biden and President Trump!)

Later, the ladies discuss whether vice presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris is covered differently than other politicians in the press because of her race.

Shaquille O’Neal revealed he will be voting in this election for the very first time! Should he be shamed, or will he open the doors for more Black men to vote?

And the hosts speak to business owner Stella Williams who was body-shamed and became a viral meme. She reveals how she handled it, turned it around and made it into something positive.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren On Why It’s So Important To Have Female Voices In Politics

Sen. Warren Has A Strong Opinion About Another Biden/Trump Debate!

Is Kamala Harris Covered Differently In The Press Than Other Politicians?

Shaq Admitted He’s Voting This Year For The First Time And The Ladies Are Proud!

Business Owner Stella Williams Became a Body-Shaming Meme – But Turned It Into Something Positive

Sen Warren: We Need To Hold Our Government Accountable For Their Promises To Communities Of Color

Loni Love: Politicians are making a lot of promises to the Black community, and then they often don’t follow through when they take office. How will Biden break that cycle?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Hold us accountable. All of us! Biden, Harris, but your Senators and your Reps as well. So here’s how I see this: We’re really in this right now, we’re going to get all of the vote turned out between now and November 3rd. Then on November 4th – I hope – we’re going to be out there celebrating. But then on November 5th, we’re going to be right back in this fight. We’re going to be back in this fight to hold everyone we elected accountable. And let me just remind you what that means. It means not just some kind of bland race-neutral, “Oh, I’m going to advance these policies and somehow it’s going to help the Black community, it’s going to help others who’ve been left behind and discriminated against.” No. We’re going to actually take a look at race and respond directly. So for example, childcare. One of the reasons we need to put childcare as a top priority is most child caregivers – paid child caregivers – are women and women of color, and they are so badly underpaid. So part of our childcare system has to be, as we invest and build this system – it’s about raising the wages of childcare workers and that’s going to be a big boost to Black women and to Latinas across this country. Another quick one – student loan debt. We cancel out a big chunk of student loan debt – you know who that specifically is going to help? It’s going to help African American students and Latino students who borrow more money to go to school, borrow more money while they’re in school and have a harder time paying it off when they get out. It’s time to look at how every one of our policies is affected by race, and to say we need to think in terms of, not just some kind of general how we make things better but specifically – how we undo the impact of generation after generation of racism and what it has done to this country. And that’s only going to happen if all of us continue to fight to hold our government accountable. We can do this.



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