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Kevin Hart on Wanting Howard Stern Success in Radio + Nas on Launching a Label and New Album / WATCH

*The recently concluded Advertising Week (AW2020) hosted conversations with Kevin Hart and Nas.

Hart sat down with SiriusXM President & Chief Content Officer, Scott Greenstein, to talk about the benefits of expanding into audio, how he chooses what brands to align with, and following Howard Stern’s footsteps.

In the pre-recorded session, Kevin’s wife Eniko Hart makes an appearance just days before giving birth! You can watch it all, above.

Nas also took the virtual stage with Peter Bittenbender, CEO of Mass Appeal, to discuss why they teamed up to launch the independent Mass Appeal Records label.

The talk went on to explore their thoughts and process behind the recent Pantone partnership for the single “Ultra Black” as well as their recent expansion into India.

Nas spoke more personally about being able to release his latest record King’s Disease on his own label for the first time as well as describe what life has been like during Covid.

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Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Quotes

“As a black man in the business, I know how hard and tough it is for opportunities to come. They’re very far few and in between. Whether you are behind a camera, in front of the camera…the one talking into the microphone or the producer behind the scenes… it’s tough to get these opportunities. So when I had the opportunity to build the platform where we could create futures for so many, we said why not highlight the world of people that don’t get the mass opportunity…we can become that platform that springboard and throw people into the position of success,” on the focus of Kevin’s company, Laugh Out Loud.

“If I can be responsible for creating tomorrow’s stars for comedy – male, female – that’s huge and means that I did my part.”

On wanting to expand his legacy into radio, “I’m in a position where I’ve realized the impact that I have. And I’ve realized how much more of an impact it can be…if I am prioritizing this correctly and I take advantage of an amazing opportunity, by owning a channel, building out a channel and a podcast – I have the opportunity to build on that…I can’t stop thinking about the road ahead and what that can be if done correctly. All it takes is time and energy.”

On following in Howard Stern’s footsteps, “I have so much respect for the audio pioneers… when I look at Howard Stern’s career through radio you can only applaud him…he has changed the dynamic of [radio] and created something that so many people are able to follow now…I myself am able to jump in this because of a lane that he created, so [I want to think about] what other lanes can be created for people to jump into.”


Nas Quotes

Kicking off the session, Nas discussed the recent partnership with Pantone to release a new color in celebration of a single from his new album, stating, “It came from the single ‘Ultra Black’ so we wanted a color that is inspired by that song and kind of puts you in a place where color has power”

Nas also described his decision to launch an independent label with Mass Appeal as he said, “Natural ascension for myself was to have my own label, I needed to do that the right way at the right time when I was ready. It took me a lot of time to think about this move with Mass Appeal but I saw it – I saw where it started as, I saw once we got up to it what we can do to it to turn it into our dream. “

When describing what life and creating has been like during Covid, Nas said, “I was just like everyone else, trying to figure out what’s going on, and how to be there when this thing opens back up…but you drive yourself crazy thinking about those things so the studio helped me out. I was recording King’s Disease before and it gave me something to do. Kept me busy and kept my mind working in a creative way and that took up for anything that’s not happening.”

Nas discussed why this particular record held such personal significance to him as he shared, “To put out a record in 2020 and have it be on your label, it says a lot. It’s my journey and you can see my journey. You have to become independent in a way where you got to try to take the business — like a friend of mine Steve Stoute he takes a business, he looks at it and says he can deconstruct it, and fix it and do things this way and I’m not that far…but I feel like me putting out my record on Mass Appeal is a huge step forward for artists. I’m not the first but it’s something that if you’re watching my journey that I think you can be inspired as an artist.”


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