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Cynthia Bailey Outlines ‘STRICT’ COVID-19 Safety Measures for Her 250-Guest Wedding Today



Mike Hill & Cynthia Bailey1 (Instagram)
Mike Hill & Cynthia Bailey (Instagram)

Mike Hill & Cynthia Bailey (Instagram)

*Today (10-10-20) is the day that Cynthia Bailey of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is set to marry Fox Sports broadcaster Mike Hill.

Because of the criticism around the event because of the pandemic, Bailey has opened up to People magazine about the “strict” COVID-19 precautions she put in place in order to ensure the safety of their guests.

“Usually, my concern before the wedding would be more focused on a lot of the aesthetics of the wedding,” Bailey says. “However, because we are getting married in a pandemic, the focus has turned to: Do we have the thermometers for the temperature checks? Do we have sanitizer stations?”

“We aren’t messing around,” she also mentions

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mike hill - cynthia bailey3

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill

Bailey, 53, and Hill, 50, are set to wed at the Governors Towne Club in Acworth, Georgia. The ceremony was originally set to take place outdoors to accommodate their 250-person guest list, but due to impending weather from Hurricane Delta, the ceremony was forced to be moved indoors.

“Luckily, it’s big enough to be inside and still social distance, ” she says of the venue.

Maybe it’ll help to know that prior to the ceremony the couple hired a team from Saniture Facilities Maintenance Inc. to deep clean the venue with a professional cordless electrostatic handheld sprayer. Also, before entering the facility, guests will be required to sign a COVID-19 waiver, undergo temperature checks, and be asked to wash their hands.

“We will have hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue,” says the reality star. “And everyone must be wearing a mask at all times, it’s not optional.”

“We want to make people feel comfortable and not look irresponsible,” adds Hill. “We’ve been super transparent with everyone about what will be required. We’re doing everything we possibly can.”

cynthia bailey - mike hill (instagram)

Cynthia & Mike (Instagram)

And if a guest doesn’t have their own mask, not to worry: former Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin sent her friend a supply of masks for the special day. They will also be passing out face shields as well, according to People.

“Jill made all of my masks,” Bailey told the magazine. “My wedding is going to look like a masquerade ball.”

As for the reception, social distancing dots will be placed throughout the venue to promote a safe environment for all guests.

“We’re not doing the traditional round tables, where everyone has a name tag and everyone sits together,” says Bailey. “We have food stations. This is a moving-around wedding. You can literally stand outside and drink and eat if you want to.”

“There’s no formality,” says Hill. “We want people to feel free and safe.”

We know it’s a celebrity wedding, but if you got an invite, would you attend, given the fact that it’s in the midst of a pandemic?

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Honestie Hodges, 14, Who Made Headlines When Michigan Police Held Her at Gunpoint, Dies of Coronavirus



Honestie Hodges2=twitter

*Honestie Hodges, a Michigan girl who was handcuffed at gunpoint by police when she was only 11 years old, has died after a two-week battle with coronavirus

Hodges, 14, tested positive for the virusa earlier this month and her family says her condition rapidly deteriorated in recent days, MSN reports. 

“It is with an extremely heavy heart that I have to tell all of you that my beautiful, sassy, smart loving Granddaughter has gone home to be with Jesus,” Alisa Niemeyer, the child’s grandmother, said in a post on the GoFundMe website.

Honestie made national headlines in 2017 when cops investigating an attempted murder at her home confronted the child outside, pointed weapons, handcuffed her and confined her inside a police car. Check out the news report about the incident via the YouTube clip above. 

READ MORE: Cops Hold Innocent 11-Year-Old Girl at Gunpoint While Searching For her Aunt

We previously reported… Hodges told WOOD-TV she exited the back door of her home to go to the store on Dec. 6 when officers confronted her. Her mother, Whitney Hodges, said she saw police order Honestie to raise her hands and walk backward. The cops then handcuffed the girl, patted her down and put her in the back of a police car, Hodges said.

“It made me feel scared and it made me feel like I did something wrong,” Honestie told the TV station.

“The whole time they are telling her to come down, I’m telling them, ‘She’s 11 years old. That’s my daughter. Don’t cuff her,’” Hodges said of the officers.

Honestie said she sat in the back of the cop car banging on the windows and screaming to her mother, “Please don’t let them take me.”

Grand Rapids police were at the Hodges home searching for the child’s aunt, Carrie Manning, 40, who is white. Manning, who was later arrested, was being sought in a domestic stabbing a few blocks away, and police said they suspected she was armed with a knife.

Honestie wondered at the time if her race played a role in the officers’ controversial decision.

“I have a question for the Grand Rapids police: If this happened to a white child, if her mother was screaming, ‘She’s 11,’ would you have handcuffed her and put her in the back of a police car?” she said in a news conference days after the incident.

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Shawn V. Branch: My Personal Experience with COVID-19 and the Life Lessons Learned



Shawn V. Branch - IMG_7609
Shawn V. Branch - IMG_7609

Shawn V. Branch

Changing Our Narrative

*The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on so many of us. Not only have we been dealing with quarantining, wearing masks, and social distancing, but we have also been dealing with all of this with the added pressure of a national reckoning with racial injustice and a nail-biting election. For so many of us, we are looking forward to 2021 and praying it will be much nicer than this crazy year.

My personal experience with COVID began the first week of March. It started with symptoms of a common cold that then turned into what I thought was the flu. I did not feel awful, but I developed a fever that would not go away. I tried everything that I had done in the past to rid myself of the flu, but nothing was working. Having COVID never crossed my mind until two close friends kept asking me if I thought I should get a test. My immediate reaction was to say no. In my mind, I was still thinking it was the flu and I felt sure I could not have COVID.

COVID-19 testing

File Photo: “Now I was starting to get nervous. The next morning, he called and instructed me to come to the office and call him when I parked, and he would meet me outside and bring me a mask. At this time, we were not required to wear masks but he was taking the necessary precautions for himself and the staff. He gave me the test (and thank God, he did the throat swab and not the nose swab).” Shawn V. Branch

A few more days passed, and I was not feeling better. My bestie said, “You need to get tested.” I called my doctor and he said that he was getting his first batch of COVID tests the following day and to text him in the morning. Now I was starting to get nervous. The next morning, he called and instructed me to come to the office and call him when I parked, and he would meet me outside and bring me a mask. At this time, we were not required to wear masks but he was taking the necessary precautions for himself and the staff. He gave me the test (and thank God, he did the throat swab and not the nose swab). He prescribed some medication to help fight what we thought was the flu. The pills worked and a few days later my fever was gone but I was still nervous while waiting for my results. I took the test on a Monday; the following Thursday, I received a call from my doctor that said I tested positive for COVID-19.I was stunned. After I got over the initial shock, I started thinking: how did this happen and why me? That day, I sent a text message to my family and then a few close friends telling them about my result. My mother instantly told me that she was flying to Atlanta to be with me. I told her she absolutely could not do that!! Honestly, I really did want her to come. It had been a while since I saw her and during this time, I did not want to be alone; but I knew it was not safe for her to come and visit. That night as I laid in bed, I started to cry. So many thoughts were running through my mind and now I knew I had to quarantine and be isolated from the very support system I felt I most needed at that very moment.

But in that deep sadness, I was reminded of all I have to be thankful for. I am so blessed to have a loving family and wonderful friends. They checked on me daily, and my friends in Atlanta brought me food and champagne regularly, leaving it at my door. I thank God daily for my circle of friends. Living alone during the pandemic was very hard, and then facing the stress and unknowns of having COVID tested all my strength.

During my time with COVID, I tried to continue with my regular routine. I was up early, working and working out. I hate being sick and I also hate laying around doing nothing. I was alone so I had to cook my own meals, clean and do all the things I do when I am not sick. As I began to get better, I realized my breathing was a little weird. I was not out of breath, but something was different. I also felt that my body was not feeling 100% better after quarantine. I had weird feelings throughout my body and it just made me mad. I started reading articles about the after effects of COVID and I saw several of my symptoms reflected. Again, I started to feel the same stress and panic I felt when I first got my positive COVID results back.

Now, eight months after getting over COVID, I am feeling like my old self. I’ve had several COVID tests since then and they have all come back negative. I know the question of immunity has been a topic of discussion. I don’t think that I am safe from re-infection, so I still take all the necessary precautions. There is much that is unknown about COVID, so I always lean on the side of caution.

There are a few things that I’ve learned and a few things that I have started doing since contracting the virus:

Dr. Anthony Fauci

FILE PHOTO: Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testifies during the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis hearing in Washington, D.C., U.S., July 31, 2020. Kevin Dietsch/Pool via REUTERS

I take a multi-vitamin and Emergen-C (Immune +), every day. Dr. Fauci recommends vitamins C and D to help your immune system help fight off respiratory infections

Emergen-C and Centrum

“I am pretty good about my health, but now I really listen to my body and don’t take my health for granted.” Shawn V. Branch

I am pretty good about my health, but now I really listen to my body and don’t take my health for granted. I make my own smoothies at least five days a week. This serves as just another way to make sure I am getting all the proper nutrients that my body needs. In addition to working out five days a week, I now walk at least three days a week. I started doing this when the lock down in Atlanta first took place, and continued because its healthy and it gives me the opportunity to clear my head and exercise with friends.

Healthy food ingredients for smoothie

“I make my own smoothies at least five days a week. This serves as just another way to make sure I am getting all the proper nutrients that my body needs.” Shawn V. Branch

As much as I love a good happy hour, I realized that small, intimate gatherings with special people were really the way to go. I now have two gatherings that I look forward to: Building Boys Gathering- when I get together with a few guys in the building and we eat, drink and have a great conversation; and Family Time – every Saturday I hang out with my bestie and his husband. We take turns cooking, watching movies and enjoy great conversation. These two events are definitely food for my soul.

I can do without as many material things in my life. I realized that I do not need any more clothes, shoes, etc. One day while putting away laundry I noticed that I still had clothing with tags on them. As much as I love to shop, the pandemic made me realize that I have more than I need.

I need to protect my mental health by any means necessary. While I am lucky to be able to work from home, I have found that my default is to work a lot of hours because there’s nothing else to do. I have to force myself not to fall into that trap. I stop my workday at 5 pm, turn on music, fix myself a cocktail, and just relax. I’ve also decided to disconnect from news and social media one weekend a month. I think it is important more than ever to no longer neglect me and take a break.

alcoholic drink

“I stop my workday at 5 pm, turn on music, fix myself a cocktail, and just relax.” Shawn V. Branch

I really missed not being able to see family and friends. I’ve always considered my relationships most important and that has only become more the case now in the face of this pandemic.

Being alone for countless hours with nothing to do made me think about my life’s purpose and how I am making sure that I am being fulfilled.

I really missed hugging people. The first person I hugged was my bestie and that was not until August.

I am more empathetic to other people. We are all trying to cope with this new way of living and for some it’s been harder than for others. I’ve realized that I need to be more understanding to others and what they may be experiencing.

making a toast with people on Zoom

“I’ve realized that I need to be more understanding to others and what they may be experiencing.“ Shawn V. Branch

Even Zoom happy hours can get on my nerves.

Now, as we move into fall and winter, we’re already seeing an exponential increase in the number of COVID cases and deaths. I often say to myself, What is it that we’ve learned that we will want to carry with us long after the pandemic is behind us —and perhaps for the rest of our lives? I know that as individuals we can make our own choices, and it is individual choices that will make the difference.

I hope and pray that we learn from this pandemic to bring more stillness into our lives, take better care of ourselves, be gentle and loving to ourselves, never take people for granted, and be thankful for what we have!

Shawn V. Branch

Shawn V. Branch, Food, Lifestyle & Travel Editor,, with professional imprint ranging from education to executive positioning. Shawn is the curator of the lifestyle blog, SV Branches (, which is based on the vision of inspiring and connecting with people who are searching for positivity and motivation. Originally from Baltimore, Shawn now resides in the City of Atlanta.


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The Ripple Effect of NFL QB Lamar Jackson Testing Positive for COVID-19 (Watch)




Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens walks to the locker room during half time of the game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on November 15, 2020 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

*With Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson reportedly testing positive for COVID-19, joining the multitude of recent positive tests in their organization, the team’s game that was scheduled Thanksgiving night against the Pittsburgh Steelers was moved to Sunday afternoon at 1:15 p.m. EST.

But the consequences of their COVID situation extend beyond Baltimore.

ESPN’s NFL reporter Adam Schefter joined SportsCenter yesterday to discuss Jackson’s positive test and what it could mean for the Ravens/Steelers matchup and future NFL games.

Baltimore’s COVID collapse:

This week, the Ravens placed outside linebacker Pernell McPhee on the Reserve/COVID-19, joining running backs Mark Ingram and J.K. Dobbins and defensive tackle Brandon Williams. Defensive end Jihad Ward, defensive end Calais Campbell, offensive linemen Patrick Mekari and Matt Skura were also among Ravens players placed on the Reserve/Covid-19 list. Also, the Ravens said Wednesday the team “disciplined” a staff member for conduct surrounding the recent COVID-19 cases affecting the organization.

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