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LisaRaye Addresses Emotional Reaction to Da Brat’s Surprise Visit [VIDEO]

*LisaRaye McCoy is speaking out about her awkward exchange with her sister Da Brat during an episode of “Cocktails With Queens,” where the rapper made a surprise visit for LisaRaye’s birthday. 

We previously reported… things went left after Da Brat decided to stop by for what turned out to an unwanted surprise appearance.

Claudia Jordan and the other hosts, Vivica A. Fox and Syleena Johnson, were all about trying to keep things happy. However, happiness wasn’t what McCoy was experiencing, because unbeknownst to most, the sisters are not in a good place with each other.

When you watch the episode, you’ll see LisaRaye was initially speechless, but then bursts into tears when Da Brat appears (watch the moment above).

“I’m shocked,” McCoy said. For her part, DaBrat acknowledged that she expected that reaction.

“We kinda being a lil bit distant or whatever so she’s really surprised,” the rapper admitted.

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LisaRaye & Da Brat (Getty)
LisaRaye & Da Brat (Getty)

LisaRaye explained why she got upset in a new episode of the show, revealing that she’s hurt over Da Brat going public with some personal milestones that she didn’t first share with the actress. She’s specifically referring to Da Brat’s recent coming out party and engagement to Jessica Dupart.

“I just did not want to hear it from the blog,” LisaRaye said to Da Brat on the virtual talk show. “I didn’t get to hear it from you. I had to see it from someplace else, so I’m hurt. That’s what I am.”

When addressing the matter on the latest episode of Cocktails With Queens, LisaRaye said: “That’s my sister, that ain’t going nowhere. I just gotta wait until she feels comfortable to tell me about life… her life. Because I thought that I would know,” she explained. 

“But, evidently, I had to take a step back and I’m just trying to figure out how far back to step, that’s all. And if I step too far back, then you may have to take the long arm to get me back, is what I’m saying,” she added. 

“When I had sh*t going on, I shared it with everybody. So, when you’ve got sh*t going on and you’re happy, that’s a happy time in your life that you wanna share with the people you love, but I had to hear it from the blogs. I had to hear it from the radio stations, I had to hear it on Rickey Smiley, I had to hear it from everybody else. I called her auntie and was like, ‘yo, what’s up, what’s happening?’ [She told me], ‘she gone call you’. Okay!”

Watch her exlplain it via the clip below.

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