Thursday, August 18, 2022

Cardi B Apologizes After Backlash for Promoting Fundraiser for Armenia


*Cardi B has rejected the accusations that she supports terrorism. 

The rapper caught some major heat this week after she promoted a virtual fundraiser for Armenia. The post was shared amid the country’s conflict with Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh territory. International leaders have called for both sides to agree to a ceasefire, CBS News reports. 

Cardi’s post’s sparked the #cardibsupportsterrorism hashtag.

In response to one user, Cardi B wrote, “Stfu I don’t support terrorism.I literally posted it for my friend with out doing no research on what’s going on .Im sorry about that .I don’t like war .I don’t like conflicts between two countries period cause I hate innocent people being affected by it.”

She also addressed the backlash in an audio tweet, admitting she did not do her research before posting the flyer. Listen to the message below.

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Cardi explained that she and her husband Offset are trying to sell a property in Atlanta, and the Armenian consultant helping her in the process allegedly asked the “WAP” rapper if she would share a post “for a good cause.”

“And we said, ‘Sure, why not?’ We love to support everybody,” Cardi said in the audio. “And then I wake up and I see a lot of people from Azerbaijan writing me things, writing me stuff, and I did not know that this is a war between two countries.”

Cardi went on to address the Armenia/Azerbaijan conflict.

“My wish is, since I did a little bit of research today, because you guys left me so much comments, my wish is that both the countries would just be at peace,” she said. “You guys already have big pieces of land. There’s no tiny land that is worth chaos, death, fighting, especially in this year.

She continued: “This is such a bad year, there’s a lot of sickness. I feel like god is trying to give us a message … I hope just peace over there. I’m not picking sides, I love both the countries. I’m sorry that I offended anybody, that is not my style, I don’t like that type of stuff … we just really wish peace, and that’s it.”

Check out her audio message via the Twitter embed above.

Ny MaGee
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