Sunday, May 22, 2022

Matthew A. Cherry Takes You Inside the 1-Hr ‘Black-ish’ Special – EUR Exclusive/WATCH

*We’re less than  30 days shy of the presidential election. From debates to social media its pretty clear that this is one of the biggest/most important elections in decades.

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Mathew A. Cherry who directed the one-hour special for the 7th season premiere of Blackish, which is directly centered on voting. We talked about the value of voting, some key takeaways more…

EUR: What do you say to someone who doesn’t see the value in voting?

Cherry: “I do feel like- you know there are people out there with valid concerns and reasons why they don’t vote. What I would do is try to speak to the people that are kind of thinking about voting but more on the fence, a lot of people that just say vote they don’t take into account that there are so many systems that are in place to prevent us from doing that.

“That’s one of things I’m actually really proud about the episode is that the first half hour of the special we put people in the POV of JR who discovers early on that he’s been purged from the voter polls by the end of episode he’s feeling very cynical about why does it matter.”

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When speaking about the messaging in the episode and why people should vote Matthew A. Cherry expressed it’s deeper than just the President

“There are a lot of local elections that are out there as well, when you look at a situation like Breonna Taylor the attorney general has lot of the power.

This episode premiered last (Sunday) night Sunday, but you can watch it on demand at ABC’s website:




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