Friday, August 12, 2022

Inside Info/Learn Kenan Thompson’s Secret to Spoofing Steve Harvey! // STEVE on Watch / VIDEO

*A brand-new episode of STEVE on Watch is AVAILABLE NOW – where Steve Harvey sits down with senior Saturday Night Live cast member, Kenan Thompson, who is well-known for his hilarious celebrity impressions…including one of Steve Harvey himself!

Watch the new episode above.

  • Episode Title: Kenan Thompson’s Secret to Spoofing Steve!
  • Description: As the longest running cast member on SNL, Kenan Thompson has impersonated a ton of people. Steve got the secret behind his legendary impressions, the legacy behind Kenan’s record run, and what’s next for the funny man.

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Steve Harvey - Kenan Thompson

Kenan Thompson’s secrets to a good impression of Steve Harvey – including bringing the same PASSION and ENERGY to his impression, that Steve Harvey brings to everything he does:

  • “I’ve known you for a long time…you have a big personality. You’re the one and only Steve Harvey.” – Kenan Thompson
  • “To kind of mirror that, what you put out there. I am basically reflecting.” – Kenan Thompson
  • “You have a way of talking, you know? You’re nice and country with it sometimes…you’re from Cleveland, I guess they’re country up there.” – Kenan Thompson
  • “I watch how you walk, I watch how you deliver stuff – you know the passion that you have, especially when you’re delivering jokes…you throw that energy on something that you are trying to get across in a certain kind of way.” – Kenan Thompson
  • “I just watch you do you to the utmost, and then try to give it back.” – Kenan Thompson





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