Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Equal Justice Now Hosts Town Hall Meeting on Proposition 25 on Oct. 6 Via YouTube/Zoom

*Equal Justice Now will host a Virtual Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, October 6th from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The meeting will be held live via YouTube and Zoom with a panel moderated by the co-founder of Equal Justice Now, Tony Smith, who will be accompanied by a panel who will be discussing Proposition 25, systemic racism, police brutality, and much more. Please see all attachments for further information on Prop 25 and Equal Justice Now.

What is Senate Bill 10 (Proposition 25)?

Prior to SB 10, California utilized a cash bail system in order to release detained criminal suspects before their trials. SB 10 is designed to make California the first state to end the use of the cash bail system for all detained suspects who are awaiting trial. The cash bail system will be replaced by risk assessments to determine whether the individual should be granted a pre-trial release and under what circumstances. The risk assessments would categorize the detained suspects as either low risk, medium risk, or high risk. Individuals deemed as low risk of failing to appear in court and to public safety would be released from jail. Those deemed high risk will remain in jail with the opportunity to argue their release in front of a judge. Lastly, criminal suspects deemed medium risks could either be released or detained depending on the court’s ruling. SB 10 has not taken effect pending the outcome of Proposition 25 on the election ballot this fall.

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Why should you vote “NO” on Proposition 25 (SB 10) on November 3rd?

SB 10 is based on risk assessment tools to determine whether a defendant is a flight risk or a public safety risk. MIT and Harvard have gone on the record stating that the use of risk assessment tools should be denounced because they are racially biased and have devastating effects on minority groups

Constitutional Right to be Released from Jail with Bond

In SB 10, those defendants who have been deemed a high flight risk or public safety risk, as determined by the risk assessment tools, will not be granted pretrial release. This outcome will increase the likelihood of them losing their job and the ability to earn income for their family. Defendants deserve the option of obtaining a bond to be released from jail until their court hearing is held. The criminal justice reform should reduce our jail population for misdemeanors and non-violent crimes instead of increasing our incarceration rates based on a biased risk assessment tool.

Public Safety

New York passed a similar measure in 2019 to eliminate cash bail. This bill took effect on January 1, 2020 and after a couple of months, it became apparent that violent crimes were spiking in New York city.  Defendants were being released without bail and committing more crimes against the citizens of New York.

Costs to the State of California

The Attorney General of CA has written a ballot label on Proposition 25. The label indicates that the cost of eliminating cash bail in California will cost the citizens more than $500 million to implement this system.

On November 3rd, vote NO on Proposition 25 (SB 10)!


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