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Charlamagne tha God Claims Big Sean Signed ‘Terrible Contract’ with Kanye, Owed $3 Million [VIDEO]

*Kanye West recently took aim at the music industry, dubbing it “modern-day slavery,” over the contracts artists are forced to sign, but Charlamagne tha God claims the rapper is taking advatange of his own musicians.

“When you sign a music deal you sign away your rights,” Kanye tweeted last month. He later vowed to return the 50 percent share of masters he has of artists signed to his label G.O.O.D. Music. 

One of those artists, Big Sean, told West in a tweet that the move would “help so much.”

Charlamagne claims Big Sean signed a “terrible contract” with Kanye and that he is owed millions. 

“The restraint that Big Sean shows to Kanye West is remarkable,” Charlamagne said on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday. “It lets me know that he really is a healed individual because Kanye West—I hope one day Big Sean tells his story. Just know, Kanye West owes Big Sean a whole lotta money, and he’s got Big Sean in a very terrible contract to be out here screaming about giving folks their masters back and all types of other things.”

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He went on to say… “That’s right, Kanye West owes Big Sean $3 million. Kanye West gets half of Sean’s profits and half of Sean’s royalties,” said Charlamagne. “Kanye wouldn’t agree to Big Sean getting his masters back from Def Jam. Kanye needs to do right by Big Sean. … Brothers, we have to stop doing that to each other ’cause we run around out here misleading other people and really being false prophets, but you’re not even doing right by your own people. Do right by your own people, ‘Ye.”

Charlamagne also addressed the situation with Andrew Schulz on the Brilliant Idiots podcast, saying he explained Kanye: “‘What you’re not telling people is that you negotiated with Def Jam/Universal four different times, and you chose the money over your masters every single time,” he told West, Complex reports. “You’re not telling people that you own the masters of Yeezus and every album of yours after that. And you weren’t telling the people that you owned the artists on G.O.O.D. Music’s masters as well, at least half of them.”

Hear mor from Charlamagne about it via the YouTube video above. 

Meanwhile, earlier, we reported …

Kanye attempted to upload his Universal Records contracts on Twitter last month, and referred to the music industry as “modern-day slavery.”

“Here are my ten Universal contracts … I need every lawyer in the world to look at these,” he posted before telling followers that the PDFs would not load on the platform.

In follow-up tweets, he shared screengrabs of 10 documents that included a profit sharing agreement and a recording agreement. Ye said of the images: “This is what me Kanye West deal looks like today … I PRAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS THAT IT DONT LOOK LIKE THIS TOMORROW.”


Ny MaGee
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