Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Michael Jackson’s Cousin is Actually Selling His Final Bloodstained IV Drip / WATCH

*We’re thinking Michael Jackson‘s cousin is broke-broke since she’s resorting to selling his last IV drip — the one that delivered the fatal dose of Propofol.

The late legendary singer’s relative’s name is Marsha Stewart is looking to move complete IV setup which includes the tubing and the bag used to administer drugs.

By the way, this thing is not only the real deal, it even has a bloodstain from the King of Pop … according to cousin Marsha, who claims she took it from his bedroom shortly after his death.

Lord have mercy. Think about that for a moment or two.

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Marsha Stewart - 592693c5c1194f11afe74f67aafb857a_md
Marsha Stewart

Martha, err, Marsha Stewart says she boosted the IV from the rented Holmby Hills mansion where MiJac died back in 2009. She claims she saw it near Michael’s bed, and that there was a “white milk fluid” — an accurate description of Propofol — inside the bag, which has since dissolved.

Still, Michael’s cousin says traces of his blood on the device caught her eye and made her want to put it in her purse to take home.

MiJac IV drip - (BidAMIauctions) - 62a9aac3e9d240bf80e16b9d3b428dbf_md

Now, the IV drip is going up for auction through Las Vegas based Memorabilia Expert Auctions and the auction house is looking to get at least $2,500 for this gruesome piece of MJ history.

As for the validity of the item? As TMZ notes, it seems odd that police would not have collected the IV as evidence at the scene.

What do you think?



  1. That is beyond words. Even in death, sick fools even a so called family member sell something like this. MJ was used as a money bag for liars, the media, false claims, and now this.


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