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Podcast Preview: Baratunde Thurston’s ‘How To Citizen’ Episode 6 (Available 09-24-20)



Baratunde Thurston1


Baratunde explores work—the value of our work, what it means, who it benefits, and how to shift the balance of power back to workers themselves.

Saru Jayaraman on the legacy of slavery for today’s workers:

“Maybe this absurd legacy of slavery would have gone away if it hadn’t been for exactly what you said. The concentration of power among these chains who formed this formidable lobby—this trade lobby—and have been named the 10th most powerful lobbying group in Congress.”

… and finally why that translates to low voter turnout and dissatisfaction with both political parties:

“For those of you that have ever scratched your heads about why we don’t vote as a country, why is it that Americans have such a low voter turnout rate? I will tell you why. It’s because the largest and fastest growing industries in America are people who work two and three jobs and largely cannot afford to think, let alone engage in political activity. And frankly, also feel disillusioned and disengaged because they’re earning $2 an hour. And they’ve seen both Democrats and Republicans sell them down the river for the National Restaurant Association and leave them at $2 an hour, even as other workers go up to 15. They’ve been left behind at two and three and five. I know if it were me, I wouldn’t vote because I would say, ‘What’s the point? Both parties have left me at two and $3.’”

Michelle Miller examines where government has abandoned workers:

“The duty to care has been essentially abandoned in the public sector and has been kind of left to corporations. If you don’t have a job, there’s no way for you to access the things that you need.”

… and reminds us of our rightful place in the system:

“We aren’t objects of the economy, we’re agents of the economy.”

Baratunde Thurston launched his new podcast HOW TO CITIZEN WITH BARATUNDE in partnership with iHeartRadio. Listen on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Baratunde Thurston

Baratunde Thurston

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Episodes are distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network every Thursday


HOW TO CITIZEN WITH BARATUNDE reimagines the word “citizen” as a verb and reminds us how to wield our collective power. So many of us want to do more in response to the problems we hear about constantly, but where and how to participate can leave us feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Voting, while critically important, simply isn’t enough. It takes more to make this experiment in self-governance work. Listen in to learn new perspectives and practices from people working to improve society for the many. Join writer, activist, and comedian Baratunde Thurston on a journey beyond politics as usual that will leave us all more hopeful, connected and moved to act.







Allison Alonso
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*Rapper Common has signed on to host a new show for Audible called “Mind Power Mixtape” beginning next month.

The podcast is an Audible original show and will feature “intimate, candid and soulful conversations between Common and six revolutionary artists and activists as they discuss success, spirituality, self-care, music, inspiration and overcoming obstacles,” Audible said in a description of the podcast. 

Common’s lineup of confirmed guests already includes Academy Award-winning actor Mahershala Ali, comedian Tiffany Haddish, “Patriot Act” host Hasan Minhaj, activist Bryan Stevenson, rapper Nas, and Misty Copeland, the first Black female principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.

“As an artist, I’ve always used my voice to speak my truth. There is great benefit in using this time of pause to engage in real reflection about who we are, how we got here and what’s next — and the opportunity to lead that honest dialogue with some of the greatest talent of our generation was an unforgettable privilege,” said Common in a statement. “We laid ourselves bare and explored what really matters in life — and that is the essence of Mind Power Mixtape. I was very moved by the authenticity of these conversations and I hope that listeners have that same experience.” 

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Here’s more from the press release: 

Each 45-minute episode was recorded remotely, with Common leading the discussion from his home. Set to launch with six episodes on November 19, Mind Power Mixtape will be available exclusively on Audible. Members can access as part of the newly launched Audible Plus catalog.

Common’s most recent Audible project is Bluebird Memories: A Journey Through Lyrics & Life. The audio-only musical narrative, recorded over the course of three nights of live performances at Audible’s Minetta Lane Theatre in New York, takes listeners on a magical journey as Common recounts stories of his childhood, reflects on his musical path, and shares personal heroes that inspired him artistically and as an activist. Bluebird Memories is part of Audible’s Words + Music programming, showcasing the personal stories of top global recording artists interwoven with their music.

“Common is an incredibly versatile and gifted artist and we are thrilled to showcase his positivity, energy and advocacy through ​Mind Power Mixtape,” said Rachel Ghiazza, Executive Vice President, Head of US Content at Audible.  “His last Audible Original, Bluebird Memories: A Journey Through Lyrics & Life, was a Words and Music masterpiece – one that truly resonated with our audience — so we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate on this new and thoughtful storytelling effort and share it with our passionate family of listeners.”

“Mind Power Mixtape” will debut Nov. 19 on Audible Plus.

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