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Avoid Wildfire-Related Sicknesses: Check Air Quality to Protect Your Health



California wildfire - gettyimages-1183411230

*This year’s wildfire season has already been out of the ordinary. About 3.3 million acres have burned across vast tracts of California, Oregon and Washington. The areas surrounding those places have also been affected by dangerous levels of smoke over the last few weeks.

Although the skies in the Bay Area are no longer orange and the air quality has improved, wildfire season is not over.  Therefore, officials are advising people living close to wildfires to learn more about how air quality affects their health.

“Anytime we have any major wildfires, we often see some very high levels of air pollution,” said Dr. Jo Kay Ghosh, the Health Effects Officer at South Coast Air Quality Management District, the regulatory agency responsible for improving air quality for large areas of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

She spoke to California Black Media about how unhealthy air quality affects our health.

“Most of us have been experiencing burning eyes, or a scratchy throat, a headache, or coughing,” she said.  But for some people, these high levels of particle air pollution can cause more serious health problems such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, asthma attacks and heart attack.”

Some Black communities in California are already exposed to higher levels of air pollution. A number of studies have found that that dangerous amounts of contaminants continue to poison the air in African-American and lower-income areas even as they decrease in higher-income and predominantly White areas.

Several studies have also found that wildfires are growing contributors to fine-particle pollution across the West Coast. Though the long-term health effects of exposure to fine-particle pollution and smog are well-established, there has been little research on the long-term effects of wildfire smoke, according to environmental experts.

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California wildfire - gettyimages-1183411230

California wildfire – Gettyimages

“We know that some communities that are living near a lot of sources of air pollution like freeways or areas where there’s a lot of industrial activity, we know that these communities are often disproportionately impacted by these types of health conditions. So whenever we have this kind of poor air quality during wildfires, we definitely recommend to take precaution because these high levels of pollution can cause some serious health problems,” Ghosh said.

The U.S. Air Quality Index (AQI) measures the amount of air pollution on a scale from 0 to 500. It increases as air quality gets worse, with an AQI value over 300 representing hazardous air quality. When the AQI reaches between 101 and 150, members of sensitive groups may experience health effects, and at 151 or higher, members of the general public may experience health effects, with the risk getting higher as the AQI increases.

Ghosh recommends that community members check their air quality frequently, as conditions can change quickly. South Coast Air Quality Management District has an air quality app available on their website in both English and Spanish.

“When we have wildfire conditions, your air quality can change hour to hour and sometimes even within a few minutes, because the wind conditions really affect which direction the smoke is going. Some areas might see moderate air quality, and maybe in the next hour, it might go all the way up to unhealthy. So definitely check what the conditions are in your area at that time.”

Ghosh says there are a few preventive measures all Californians affected by poor quality of air — or who live near wildfires —  can take, too, to manage their health.

“If you’re seeing that your air quality in your area is unhealthy, try to stay indoors if your doors and windows shut. If you have an air conditioner, air purifier you can run that to help filter out particles that may have gotten indoors. But you know those units can be pretty expensive. So actually, there are some instructions available to create a temporary air purifier. If you can get a box fan and a disposable air filter, you can create a temporary air filter that you can use it in a bedroom.”

The South Coast AQMD app is available at

source: Quinci LeGardye | California Black Media

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Does CBD Oil Work? Fact vs Fiction



CBD oil-GettyImages-1177762734-340x215
CBD oil in small bottles with applicator

CBD oil in small bottles with applicator

*What is CBD Oil? CBD or Cannabinoid oil is the hottest product in the market that is used to alleviate the body pains, fight stress and keep anxiety levels at bay. It is safe oil that is used as a cure for everything, be it seizures to anxiety. There are many countries that are legalizing the usage of this product. Online stores and offline stores are selling this product at affordable prices. There are many myths and facts making rounds in the market about the working of the CBD oil. Now, it is time to know about what is true and what a myth is before using it


CBD oil is extracted from hemp

The hemp is a kind of cannabis that is used for various purposes such as fibre, oil and seeds. These plants would have high traces of THC. It would look different from that of the cannabis plants. The cannabis plants are known as hemp only when it has less than 0.3% of THC, whereas, in the EU, the cannabis plant is called as so when the THC level is less than 0.2%. The CBD oil is not really sourced from industrial hemp. Few would use hemp to produce this oil while a few would use CBD rich cannabis strains. Where can you buy CBD? You can buy in online or offline stores.

CBD oil is non-psychoactive

There are around 100 cannabinoids that CBD comprises of. Each type of Cannabinoid has a different effect. Not every person is clear about the impact of the compounds. THC is considered to be the best psychoactive element that is present in cannabis. It is the intoxicating agent that causes euphoria.

CBD makes people feel drowsy

The endocannabinoid system will promote different bodily processes. One of the processes that are promoted is sleep. It is a misconception that Diamond CBD Oil would make people feel sedative. Many studies have proven that CBD would make people feel awake. The CBD has an opposing effect on the sleep

cbd oil - Depositphotos_219019322_s-2019


CBD will not get you high

Though, CBD is psychoactive but is not intoxicating. The CBD would not produce any kind of euphoria like THC although you take a large dosage of it. However, the full spectrum and whole plant CBD would have traces of THC. The full spectrum has chemicals that you find in hemp and would also have traces of THC. However, the concentration of THC is so low that it won’t get you high. If you have a doubt on how to use CBD oil, then read the instructions on the label. You take the oil only in limited dosage.

CBD has a myriad of health benefits

There are a plethora of researches that are conducted on CBD and found this to be offering a myriad of health benefits when used properly. How does CBD Oil work? It regulates many bodily processes and relieves you from the pain in no time.

What is CBD oil used for? It can also help you get rid of anxiety, stress, and inflammation, boost sleep, reduce tremors and so on.

CBD produces side effects

There are a few side effects that are produced by the usage of CBD oil uses for pain. However, the side effects are minor, and few of them include dry mouth, reduce the appetite level and diarrhoea.

CBD has been legalized in many countries

The laws on CBD vary from country to country. Few countries have made the usage of CBD supplements to be legal. However, it should have less amount of THC, i.e. 0.3%.


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Black Celebrity Gossip - Gossip

Busta Rhymes Posts This Remarkable Before & After Snap Then Gets Trolled by 50 Cent / LOOK



Busta Rhymes - before & after1
50 Cent - Busta Rhymes (WireImage/Getty)

50 Cent – Busta Rhymes (WireImage/Getty)

*OK, it’s confession time. We gotta say we’re not exactly huge fans of rapper Busta Rhymes because of the questionable things we’ve seen him say and do both publicly and privately.

However, today we got nothing but praise for Rhymes because of a personal achievement he recently pulled off that will provide inspiration to anyone who has a goal.

As you can from the very dramatic before and after Instagram pics below that the “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” rapper put the work and dedication in to make a remarkable change in his body and no doubt, his mind.

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Busta Rhymes - before & after

In his caption he not only encourages other, he says he’s now (and he looks it) in “the best shape” of his life. He also tells fans to also look out for new music.


Thank you coach @victormunoz_proedge Thank you Legend @mrolympia08 Thank you King @kaigreene Thank you Icon @dominicandominator & @chefdeliche


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👀😆They really kinda look alike right LOL he gonna curse me out when he wake up 😆😆😆#bransoncongac #lecheminduroi

A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

And then along came 50 Cent whose known to frequently rain on folk’s parde, if you get our drift. And just as predicted, he did what he does and also put up a split-screen pic with Busta Rhymes‘ before shot on the left and a side profile picture of a shirtless Tracy Morgan. He captioned the post:

They really kinda look alike right LOL he gonna curse me out when he wake up #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi

However, on the second slide, 50 Cent seemed to congratulate Busta on his weight loss and even indicated he was looking forward to hearing new music from him:

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Black Doctor (Shawn Smith) Launches Diabetes Meal Plan For African Americans



Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith

Austin, TX — Dr. Shawn Smith, CEO and founder of the My Black Diabetes Meal Plan, has released the first-ever core product for reversing diabetes in African American pre-diabetics & Type 2 patients. It is called The 28 Day Plan. Designed to address the systemic challenges Black Americans face when dealing with diabetes, the program makes eating well a habit, not a chore.

The 28 Day Plan has taken the team over 560 hours of nutritional investigation to acquire and build. The core plan comes with easy to use software built around Black ‘soul food’ culture, detailed recipe and grocery lists, and a baseline of food combinations that have been used to take user A1cs (the three-month snapshot of blood sugar levels) from a 12 (high and unhealthy) to 5.2 (normal range).

Each plan is supported with a unique alkaline approach and backed by decades of peer-reviewed nutrition science shown to be the most impactful on blood glucose levels in long-term participants. With a growing community of Black diabetics also available through the platform, Black people facing diabetes learn quickly that they have a community of supporters who are going through the same experiences and are eager to grow together.

“We’re out to initiate a new type of Black activism & empowerment, one where serving our community in powerful ways is completely normal,” says Dr. Smith. “Since we know Black diabetics are 50% more likely to go blind from the disease and 2.5 times more likely to die from diabetic complications than their White counterparts, I believe one of the best forms of protest is to live life without the fear of death or the stress of a failing body. Unfortunately, you can’t do that if you’re A1cs are too high.

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Removing Type 2 diabetes and its complications from the Black community is one way we’re giving our people their freedom back… and it’s only the beginning.”

“I’m so glad you are [My Black Diabetes Meal Plan] getting involved in this fight,” said Dr. Antonio Smith (no relation to founder) of Internal Medicine Physician at Harper University Hospital- Detroit Medical Center. “Lifestyle change is one of the most overlooked ways diabetic patients are able to permanently get off medication that I’ve seen. We needed something like this.”

The 28 Day Plan is customized and personalized for each user. The free diabetic assessment and plan are now available for use directly online at

The purpose of My Black Diabetes Meal Plan is to eradicate Type 2 diabetes in the Black community. With painstaking research, collaborations with internal medicine physicians, and chronically high HbA1cs.

For press inquiries, contact Shawn Smith at [email protected] or 512-456-8017.







Shawn Smith
[email protected]


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