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The Importance of Social Media Management in Times of Crisis



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*For many of us, this is a strange and unbelievable time. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic that has put many things on hold.

While we are still struggling with opening up borders and various businesses that shut down during the peak of the disease, it is important for every business to understand how they can manage social media during times of crisis.

Given this, this article will highlight the importance of social media management in times of crisis.

  • The crisis may change the behaviors of your customers

As a result of the crisis, there are lots of measures that will be suggested by various health organizations around the world. During the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing, self-isolation, and stay-at-home orders are a few of the measures adopted to curb the spread of the disease. Expectedly, these measures will disrupt the lifestyle of many individuals and, in turn, cause a change in their behaviors.

The change in behavior will probably extend to how customers relate to your social media pages during the times of crisis. While they will likely use social media more during this period, it is also not strange for them to ask more questions, seek recommendations and support, and look for advice from you. To deal with this, you must be prepared for this possible change in customers’ behaviors. Be ready to answer these questions and assist them in any capacity that you can.

  • Don’t see times of crisis is a marketing opportunity

Of course, you may get certain opportunities to boost your sales during a crisis. However, this doesn’t mean that you should see the times of crisis as a period to market your product or service. Pandemic is affecting lots of individuals, so using it as a marketing opportunity will be insensitive. Therefore, you should learn how to market your product or service subtly.

So, let your social media posts during this period be filled with messages of empathy, care, and goodwill. As you continue selling your product or service, let your existing and prospective customers know that you care about their wellbeing.

  • Reflect on your social media marketing strategy

Take a step back from social media and reconsider your social media strategy and goals. In fact, this step should extend to your SEO methods and other aspects of digital marketing techniques. The truth is that some social media marketing campaigns are better used after a crisis. In some other cases, your scheduled posts and campaigns are simply out of touch with the current reality for many customers. For instance, if your goal is to aggressively get more likes, shares, and engagements on your social media handles, it will be wrong to do so during a crisis.

Therefore, you should take a second look at your social media marketing strategy. If it doesn’t suit the tying times that everyone is passing through, you should change it to something more suitable for the period.  Whatever you do, align your social media plans and goals to align with the times of crisis.

  • Provide your customers with excellent values

After reflecting on your social media plans and goals, it will be crystal clear to you what your customers need at this trying time. As a result of this, you should use your social media channels to provide your existing and potential customers with excellent values.

Social Media brands & man

In view of this, there are many changes you can make. If you don’t have an e-commerce platform, this is the right time to create one. Consider making the payment plans for your services or products more flexible to encourage more customers to do business with you. Offer free resources that can attract more customers to your business.

  • Understand what you share with audiences

Another importance of social media management during times of crisis is to know the right things to share with your audiences. During a pandemic, lots of individuals and organizations are fond of sharing false information. Nonetheless, this information doesn’t only promote fear among people, but it can also force them to take wrong actions. Therefore, you should be careful about the kind of information you share on your social media pages.

It is recommended that you only share information that is gotten directly from the sites of trusted agencies and organizations like the WHO, CDC, UN, EU, and lots more. Listen to the experts on the subject of the crisis and share the messages with your audiences.

  • Maintain good communication with your customers

In times of crisis, you should always go the extra mile to communicate with your customers. For instance, if you need to close down your office to work remotely and may affect the delivery of your product or service, it is essential to let your customers know. By communicating with them, they will understand the potential delays in any requested product or service.

While communicating with your customers, you must be sensitive to their plight. So, you must learn what it takes to communicate sensitively and effectively. Don’t assume anything. Take the time to explain everything in detail.

  • Add some joyful news

The times of crisis can be really discomforting. This is because lots of people come across negative news from time to time on social media. Of course, you can be the shining light that will bring some joy into the lives of your audiences. So, it is suggested that you share some news that can put a big smile on the faces of your readers. Have a careful thought about anything you want to share so that it doesn’t come off as being insensitive. For example, you can share a video, quote, or picture about some random acts of kindness or charity.

While doing all the things listed above, you should understand that your social media management should be handled expertly by experienced individuals to get the desired results. Visit Instant Famous to get more boosts for your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels.

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Actor Rick Schroder Defends Bail for Kenosha Killer Kyle Rittenhouse: ‘It Made Me Mad’



Rick Schroder, Kyle Rittenhouse - Getty/Twitter

*Former child star Rick Schroder is catching heat — including death threats — for helping to post bail for Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old suspected white supremacist who travelled from Illinois to Kenosha, Wis., in August, where he fatally shot two Black Lives Matter demonstrators. 

“This was Kyle’s life being destroyed,” Schroder told the New York Post about why he contributed to the teen killer’s bail. “This is his freedom at risk. It infuriated me to see an innocent 17-year-old young man being tried and found guilty before trial.”

The “Silver Spoons” and “NYPD Blue” star put up “hundreds of thousands” of dollars toward Rittenhouse’s $2-million bail, and a lot of folks are pissed off about it.

Would Schroder and other Kyle supporters still empathize if he was a black teenager who travelled across state lines with a firearm that he was not legally allowed to carry, and shot two people dead? Hell-to-the-NO! 

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Kyle Rittenhouse - Getty-32411034-8665383-image-m-37_1598448569385

Kyle Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse was open-carrying an AR-15 rifle, which he allegedly obtained from a friend in Wisconsin. Open carry is legal in the state only if the gun owner is 18 or older.

“It made me mad,” Schroder told the Post. “This boy is innocent and he will be proven innocent. I did what any father should’ve done, and that’s get a kid out of jail that doesn’t deserve to be there.”

Schroder compared Kyle’s case to his own arrests last year on suspicion of domestic violence. No charges were filed after his girlfriend was reportedly uncooperative with police.

“It sucked because everybody thought I was a woman beater, and I’m not a woman beater,” Schroder told the Post. “I was tried and convicted in the court of the media. But you have to understand, that’s only my reputation that was being destroyed.”

According to TMZ, Schroder reached out to police last week after receiving threatening messages on social media in reaction to his support for Rittenhouse.

Meanwhile, Rittenhouse has been charged with six criminal counts, including first-degree intentional homicide, related to the deaths of two males during protests following the Aug. 23 police shooting of Jacob Blake

Rittenhouse’s legal team claims he was defending himself after a mob threatened him and attempted to disarm him. 

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Police Officer Proves Hand Sanitizer Fumes Can Put Drivers Over BAC Limit / WATCH



Hand Sanitizer - -unsplash-1024x683-1-e1605849339725-1000x576
Hand Sanitizer - -unsplash-1024x683-1-e1605849339725-1000x576

*ORADEA, Romania— — A Romanian police officer demonstrated how alcohol vapors from hand sanitizer can result in a driver’s blood alcohol content registering over the legal limit.

Octavian Pertea, an officer from the city of Oradea who works for the police department in Bihor county, filmed the experiment and shared it on his YouTube channel in October.

In the video, Pertea performs a breathalyzer test before getting into his car, which showed his blood alcohol content as zero. The officer then enters the car and pretends to be a civilian who has been pulled over during the coronavirus pandemic, putting on his face mask and using a gel sanitizer to clean his hands and legal documents.

MORE NEWS: Lamar Odom to ‘Tell My Own Truth’ in Docuseries About His Life

Pertea then takes a breathalyzer test that registers his blood alcohol content as 0.2 mg/l, which is over the limit for a nation where it is illegal to drive after drinking any amount of alcohol. A second test comes back showing his blood alcohol level at 0.16 mg/l.

“Be very careful how much alcohol you consume when you disinfect yourself and what products you use because you risk making a few trips to the police station,” Pertea says in the footage.

The officer goes on to recommend that drivers disinfect their hands before getting into their cars or use non-alcoholic disinfectants. He also advises motorists who get pulled over to request the collection of biological blood samples to more accurately determine their blood alcohol levels.

“Be very careful. We are obliged to take this value into account anyway, even if you show us the bottle with alcohol that you have just disinfected yourself with,” he says. “If you are sure that you have not consumed alcohol, we will take you to the nearest hospital unit to determine the exact blood alcohol level.”

Pertea’s experiment comes after a man was prosecuted in Turkey for drunk driving earlier this year despite claiming he had not been drinking alcohol.

Mehmet Kabatas was confident there would be no problem when he was stopped by police in the Gulyali district of Ordu on June 28. Thus, he was shocked when an alcohol meter detected a blood alcohol content of 0.27%. Despite going to a nearby hospital, where a blood test confirmed he had no alcohol in his system, Kabatas faced a fine and had his license suspended for six months.

The policeman shows the results after the active alcohol test. (Tavi Pertea/Realpress)

He now believes the mix-up stemmed from his use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer he had used for protection from COVID-19 shortly before getting pulled over.

In Romania, a value greater than 0.0 g/l and less than 0.4 g/l of alcohol in the blood can be punishable with a fine and a six-month license suspension. Those found to have an amount greater than 0.4 g/l can expect to face a fine or one to five years in jail.

(Edited by Carlin Becker and Fern Siegel)

The post Police Officer Proves Hand Sanitizer Fumes Can Put Drivers Over BAC Limit appeared first on Zenger News.

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Civil Rights

Virginia State Worker Put on Leave Days After Complaining about Systemic Racism (Watch)




DOC employee Michael Murphy

*A man who works for the Virginia Department of Corrections says he was placed on leave just days after raising concerns about systemic racism at his job.

“The timing is very suspicious,” said DOC employee Michael Murphy. He tells 8News he’s worked in corrections for 30 years, eight of which, with the Virginia DOC.

He says that while working as a unit manager at State Farm Correctional Center in Powhatan County, he noticed a pattern within the department: hard-working, qualified Black employees getting passed over for promotions.

“There’s been a practice, I noticed of African Americans being laterally moved involuntarily, several hours from their workplace,” Murphy said. “In one case, it was five hours away from her workplace.”

Murphy believes it’s designed to make them quit.

“It is happening very disproportionately to Blacks. I find it to be incredibly unfair and very discriminatory,” Murphy said.

So, as a manager, he decided to speak up. He first filed an EEOC complaint with the State of Virginia. Then, on Sept. 24, he filed a formal grievance with his immediate supervisor.

He says he alleged, “systemic racism within the department.”

Then, five days later, Murphy said, “I was put on administrative leave for lack of civility.”

Watch his story below:

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