Friday, April 23, 2021

Gabrielle Union Has A Powerful Message For Young Girls – STEVE on Watch / LOOK

*A special new episode of STEVE on Watch featuring actress Gabrielle Union and her “Flawless” business partner Larry Sims is AVAILABLE NOW on Facebook Watch.

In the new episode, Gabrielle and Larry surprise young Kaylin – who went viral earlier this Summer for a video that celebrated her natural hair – for an inspiring message about the power of embracing your natural beauty.

Watch the new episode above

  • Episode Title: Kaylin Says Her Curls Are Poppin’ – and Gabrielle Union Agrees!
  • Description: 10-Year-Old Kaylin lit up the internet after a video of her embracing her natural curls went viral. After Steve found out that Gabrielle Union and Larry Sims also saw the video, he knew they’d be the perfect pair to give Kaylin the surprise of a lifetime!

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Steve Harvey - Gabrielle Union & Hair episode

Highlights from the episode include:

  • Gabrielle Union’s praise for Kaylin’s video and to her family:
    • “It was so inspiring…we just wanted to celebrate you.” – Gabrielle Union
    • “To your mom and your aunt…you are affirming her and in extension affirming so many of us who have struggled with Euro-centric beauty ideals for so long. Way too long.” – Gabrielle Union
    • “That time is over. We are all embracing our natural selves and the beauty that exists as we are.” – Gabrielle Union
  • Gabrielle Union’s direct, powerful message to Kaylin and all other young girls:
    • “I want to say, and I want to be so clear, that you are so perfect exactly as you are.” – Gabrielle Union
    • “You are worthy, you are valuable, and you are valued. And you are so worthy of protection and celebration and love exactly as you are.” – Gabrielle Union
    • “Sometimes we don’t have people in our lives that affirm us, and affirm our Blackness, and affirm how we look and how we present in the world.” – Gabrielle Union
    • “For girls who may not have that, I just want to be so clear and so direct when I say that you are loved, you are perfect, you are amazing, exactly as you exist.” – Gabrielle Union



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